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Promotional Boltron(TM) Wireless Charging Pad
as low as $66.13
Min. QTY: 3
FREE Setup
Promotional PhoneSoap(R) 3.0 UV Sanitizer + Charger
as low as $57.14
Min. QTY: 3
FREE Setup
Promotional Watchpost(TM) Wireless Charging Pad
as low as $58.06
Min. QTY: 4
FREE Setup
Promotional Ringr Smart Phone Multi - Tool
as low as $5.64
Min. QTY: 29
FREE Setup

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Promotional Tenfour(TM) 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank
as low as $38.71
Min. QTY: 5
FREE Setup
Promotional Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
as low as $20.97
Min. QTY: 8
FREE Setup
Promotional Calimari - C(TM) Connector Cord
as low as $14.52
Min. QTY: 11
FREE Setup
About this Boltron(TM) Wireless Charging Pad:Keep your devices charged and ready to go when you are! The Boltron makes charging as simple as placing your device on a surface so you can grab and go without the hassle of a tangled mess or unplugging cords. The Boltron charging pad allows you to simultaneously charge 5 devices (2 via USB outputs and 3 wireless charging-enabled devices on the pad). Say hello to the future of charging.
Boltron™ Wireless Charging Pad
About this PhoneSoap(R) 3.0 UV Sanitizer + Charger:Using the cleansing power of UV light, PhoneSoap is designed to sanitize any phone while it charges. It can even fit and clean smaller items such as keys, jewelry, or credit cards! Utilize the large imprint space to share your message, not the mess.
PhoneSoap® 3.0 UV Sanitizer + Charger
About this Watchpost(TM) Wireless Charging Pad:Wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and smartphone with the Watchpost! This portable power pad allows you to minimize the chargers you travel with and eliminate the hassle of wires. Prop the end of the Watchpost up or lay it flat to wirelessly charge your iWatch. The Watchpost works on all wireless charging compatible phones and is perfect for minimizing outlets needed while traveling. Output for Phone 5V /1A, 9V /1.1A Output for Watch 5V 0.4A
Watchpost™ Wireless Charging Pad
About this Ringr Smart Phone Multi - Tool:The Ringr is a handy-dandy, multi-purpose accessory for your phone or tablet. Use it as a kickstand or a selfie aid, mount it to your wall or vehicle for hands-free device usage, or use it to get a grip on larger gadgets. 
Ringr Smart Phone Multi-Tool
About this Tenfour(TM) 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank:Practical and stylish, this high-capacity power bank keeps you charged up. Loaded with a USB-c port, two USB outputs, and 10,400 mAh battery capacity, the Tenfour charges up to three devices at once to completion—with room to spare. The new and improved Tenfour 2.0 can now charge most laptops that use USB-c, and we think that’s pretty awesome. Its full-color imprint area is the perfect space for your brand to make its statement. Copy that? Tenfour.
Tenfour™ 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank
About this Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank:The 4400mAh Juicebox is a refreshing way to ensure your gadgets never go thirsty. With a large, backlit LED imprint area and creative juice box packaging (straw included), your brand will have only the best ingredient: awesomeness.
Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
About this Calimari - C(TM) Connector Cord:Your one-size-fits-all connector cord is ready to do your bidding. Not only does the Calimari come with an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip, it includes the new USB-C tip to make connecting to any of your gadgets a breeze. With a full-color digital imprint, any logo is sure to pop. Rest easy knowing you can charge all of your essential electronics without having to carry multiple cords
Calimari-C™ Connector Cord
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