Here's how it works:
Invite your colleagues and friends to be a part of the AnyPromo family!
Each person who joins will get $15 towards their first full order.
Once their order is closed, you'll get $15 promo bucks too!
Your friends will thank you later!
Here's your sharable link:
Refer friends now:
*AnyPromo reserves the right to refuse this offer to anyone who tries to abuse it.
What are Promo Bucks and what can I use them for?
If you have Promo Bucks, it's internal credit safely stored in your AnyPromo account. You can use Promo Bucks for anything even Flash Deals, 10 for 10 items, and our Last Call section.

Who can participate in the referral program?
AnyPromo customers who currently have an account with us.

Why aren't my Promo Bucks showing up on my account?
Allow up to 30 days after your referred candidate's order is placed to see your Promo Bucks added to your account.

Does the referred candidate have to spend their promo bucks on their first order?
No. Referred candidates can keep saving for a future order, but they must place an order. Once the order is closed, the referrer will receive their reward.

Is there a limit for referring friends?
Nope. Invite all of the friends you want! If they have an already existing account, your referral will not count.

How many people could use my link?
Unlimited amount of people could use your referral link. Happy Sharing!

How much Promo Bucks could I collect?
Unlimited! As long as you keep collecting, your bank will show you how much you have. Visit "My Bucks" section in your account to stay updated with your total Promo Bucks.

Could I transfer my Promo Bucks to another account?
No, sorry. We understand this may be a problem if certain employees leave the office or company, but it helps prevent any abusive or fraudulent activity.

Could I exchange my Promo Bucks for real cash?

I've invited friends in the past to join AnyPromo, can I get credit for those referrals?
No, only referrals after this date are valid.

Do memberships, pre-production samples or regular sample orders count as a full order?

Do Promo Bucks expire?
Yes they do. Stay updated with expiration dates for your Promo Bucks on the "My Bucks" section in your account settings.

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