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8 Ways to Use Promo

Promos are powerful tools, with influence that extends beyond brand exposure. In this article, we will explore eight ingenious ways to employ promotional products for a transformative impact on your marketing strategy.

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Flavorful Loyalty: How Promotional Items in Your Brand Program Can Cook Up Customer Retention

Coca-Cola’s “My Coke Rewards” is one of the most popular loyalty programs that allows customers to collect points from purchasing Coca-Cola products and redeem those points for a wide range of rewards, including promotional items and merchandise.

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Streamlining Customer Decision-Making at State Farm

State Farm was seeking ways to accelerate the customer decision-making process to improve conversion rates. By practicing several strategies along with use of promotional products, State Farm has successfully reduced the time from initial inquiry to policy purchase by an average 27% and led to a 16% increase in overall customer conversion rates.

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Swag Magic: Google’s Innovative Approach to Lead Generation and Brand Promotion at Events

Google is well-known for its creative and engaging company culture, and one aspect of this is their use of swag and giveaways at industry conferences, expos, and developer events. They use exclusive promotional items as giveaways to create lasting impressions on attendees and to promote their products and services.

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Beyond the Box: Zappos’ Winning Formula with Promotional Items at Internal Events

With a nearly 90% retreat attendance rate, Zappos always delivers the WOW to employees and meeting attendees. This is not only because of the knowledge gained and great atmosphere, but also the creative promotional products.

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Empowering Engagement: The Impact of Deloitte’s Promotional Strategy on Employee Recognition and Retention

Deloitte’s Impact Day initiative demonstrates how promotional products can complete and enhance employee recognition efforts. It creates a strong sense of unity, appreciation, and engagement among its employees while making a positive impact on communities.

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Success Story: Susan G. Komen’s Promotional Product Strategy

In a remarkable feat of strategic marketing and advocacy, Susan G. Komen’s latest campaign not only helped to increase its brand awareness by 44%, but also significantly boosted its fundraising efforts.

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Anypromo Teams Up with Chino American Little League on Opening Day

The Chino American Little League brings together over 200 youths and a large number of volunteers that help coach, facilitate games, and help fundraise for the organization. Keeping with the Little League tradition, Anypromo decided to join the fun and support this great community operation with promotional goodie bags for the kids.

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AnyPromo Instills A Love Of Learning At Step-Up Preschool

One of AnyPromo’s core values is maintaining a life-long student mentality. That’s why we visited a special needs class to see how they make learning fun and keep themselves engaged in the process. With the help of some color changing promos, were able to contribute to the classroom’s engagement and overall love of learning.

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