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Digital Kitchen / Grilling Thermometer
as low as $6.10
Min. QTY: 50
Fever Finder Thermometer
as low as $5.71
SAVE on Setup
Min. QTY: 150
Check - up Digital Thermometer
as low as $4.57
SAVE on Setup
Min. QTY: 100
Temperature Read - Out Bbq Thermometer Fork
as low as $8.21
Min. QTY: 25

AnyPromo Has A Variety Of Custom Branded Thermometers

Oral Thermometers

Are you a healthcare brand or organization trying to spread awareness of the flu? Oral thermometers are the perfect promotional item to promote public health and make sure your audience knows when they have a fever.

We have both digital and disposable oral thermometers. Digital oral thermometers are reusable and a great promotional item to give to parents. Disposable oral thermometers are perfect for schools and are great to stock in the nurse’s office.

Indoor And Outdoor Thermometers

Indoor and outdoor thermometers are used to check the ambient temperature. When you put a thermometer on a wall, it can be just as valuable as a clock. You’ll get valuable brand impressions everytime someone in the room wants to verify that it’s as warm or cold as they think it is.

Cooking Thermometers

If you have an audience that loves to cook, we have food thermometers as well. Using a cooking thermometer allows you to check to make sure whatever you’re cooking is being cooked thoroughly. A BBQ thermometer is a great asset for making sure large cuts are cooked all the way without having to slice them open.

Thermometer Clocks

Thermometer clocks go an extra step in usefulness because they are both clocks and thermometers at the same time. A digital clock with a thermometer in it is great to wake up to because it gives you a full debrief on the time and temperature. Digital thermometer clocks are also great for open offices because they let users prove to co-workers that their side of the room really is a couple degrees warmer or colder.

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