Under One Dollar:
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Best Sellers
Full Color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6x6
as low as $0.72
FREE Setup
Min. QTY: 125
Multi Purpose Cleaning Cloth - 6 x 6
as low as $0.52
Min. QTY: 250
Best Sellers
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
as low as $0.68
Min. QTY: 350
Premium Microfiber Cloth
as low as $0.47
Min. QTY: 150
300GSM Heavy Duty Microfiber Electronics, Rally or Fitness Towel
as low as $1.05
Min. QTY: 200
2- in -1 Spot Color Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Towel
as low as $0.90
Min. QTY: 200
Round Lens Cloth in Pouch
as low as $1.12
Min. QTY: 125
Microfiber Cleaning Wipe
as low as $0.60
Min. QTY: 50
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth -
as low as $0.73
Min. QTY: 500
100 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Screen Cleaner
as low as $0.75
Min. QTY: 300
6 Round Lens Cloth
as low as $1.06
Min. QTY: 125
Phone Holder Cloth Set With Phone Stand Microfiber Cloth
as low as $1.37
Min. QTY: 300
Universe 6x6 Microfiber RPET Cleaning Cloth
as low as $1.01
Made in USA
Min. QTY: 500

A Wide Selection Of Budget-Friendly Promotional Products

Check out our giant collection of promotional items that you can buy for less than a dollar each.

Pens & Writing

Promotional pens and writing instruments are some of the most commonly used promotional items under a dollar. Pens are a classic promotional product because they are universally used and are a great surface for putting your logo or business name.

If you’re promoting your brand or business at a school, you can’t go wrong with promotional pencils. Our custom printed #2 pencils are a favorite because they are compatible with standard testing forms used by high schools and colleges.

Outdoor & Leisure

Custom branded sunglasses aren’t just cool, they are the perfect promo product for bright outdoor events. Not only will your branding be on everyone’s head, your promotional sunglasses will also be in high-demand when the sun is beaming.

Flyer discs and beach balls are a great affordable option for promotional fun. When you give out throwing discs and beach balls, you’ll get to see your printed logo flying around everywhere. Promotional throwables and play items are an especially great swag item for young audiences.


After pens, sticky note pads are the most popular promotional item for offices. Sticky note pads are the perfect place to promote your brand because important reminders will be written next to your logo and stuck in highly visible places. Check out our huge selection of sticky note pads, including high quality Post-It Note pads.


Business card magnets are better than regular business cards because they are highly durable and can be attached to ferrous metal surfaces. Promotional magnets are a classic marketing staple of both takeout and pizza restaurants because they earn valuable impressions when your customers are about to open an empty fridge.

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