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720P High Definition Action CameraPromotional 720P High Definition Action Camera
as low as $45.15
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Remote Control WiFi Drone with CameraPromotional Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera
as low as $93.53
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Lifestyle 1080P HD Action CameraPromotional Lifestyle 1080P HD Action Camera
as low as $57.73
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360 Wifi Action CameraPromotional 360 Wifi Action Camera
as low as $141.92
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HD 720P Home Wifi CameraPromotional HD 720P Home Wifi Camera
as low as $35.47
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Promotional 4k Wifi Action Camera
as low as $88.69
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Promotional Smart WiFi Security Camera
as low as $42.19

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720P High Definition Action Camera

720P High Definition Action Camera The 720P High Definition Action Camera is a great promotional item to have at your events. Almost like a GoPro, customers will want to have it!

Record all your memories with this fun item. At an affordable price, you can save all your favorites moments with this promotional item.

Promote your logo on a high tech item that many customers will be dying to own! Don’t miss out on this fun marketing tool.

About the 720P High Definition Action Camera:

  • The HD action camera comes equipped with a 720p HD lense and a 2" LCD screen to capture the special moment.
  • The action camera is capable of taking both pictures & video with crystal clear resolution.
  • Along with the HD camera you will receive additional accessories, which include a waterproof case, helmet mount, and a handlebar mount.
  • Micro USB charging cable included.
  • SD Card not included.
  • Material: ABS Plastic

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    Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera

    Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera Need a fun and cool item as an employee incentive? The Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera is the perfect promotional item to give to your employees!

    Reward your customers or employees with a drone. Drones are currently trending in popularity, so you know this is the perfect item!

    Features on the Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera:

  • The Wifi Drone is the most advanced drone currently available.
  • Through the provided App you are able to see live video from your flying drone.
  • Plus you are able to fly the drone from any smartphone.
  • This allows you to take great aerial videos or photos from the HD 720P camera.
  • The flight time is 7 minutes on a single charge.
  • The drone is capable of flying up to 262 ft. from the user.
  • SD card not included.
  • Assembly required.
  • Please contact for ETA.
  • Material: ABS Plastic

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    HD 720P Camera Sunglasses

    HD 720P Camera Sunglasses Want your junior police academy cadets to feel like professionals? Give them our HD 720P Camera Sunglasses to wear. They’ll feel like investigators all the time!

    Keep your hands free with our camera sunglasses. You’ll be able to do everything normal with your sunglasses on.

    Features on HD 720P Camera Sunglasses:

  • With the HD 720P Camera Sunglasses you can take videos or photos in style.
  • The sunglasses feature a High definition 720P camera in the center of the sunglasses.
  • This gives you the perfect angle to capture any moment.
  • The sunglasses also feature a microphone to record sound.
  • The sunglasses are compatible with any microSD card up to 64GB.
  • Micro USB charging cable & travel pouch included.
  • Material: ABS Plastic and Rubber

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    Promotional Camera & Video

    In our selection of camera and video, you’ll be able to see all the fun products customers love to have.

    We have high definition action cameras, camera sunglasses, remote control wifi drones with cameras, home wifi cameras, and more.

    Camera and videos are great to record memories with. Why not give something that your customers will keep for a long time? Camera and video products will allow your customers to cherish their memories for every event.

    Promotional camera and video are perfect for all events! If you want your customers to remember your event, give them a promotional camera or video.

    Look through our selection of camera and video. Shop here!


    AnyPromo always aims to help make an impact on your brand while getting the best bang for your buck! Search our camera and video inventory to find what best fits your promotional needs.

    Camera and videos are perfect for any trade shows that are meant to be memorable. Give your customers the ultimate tech item that will make everyone running to your booth for one.

    Camera and videos are great to help keep memories! We have different styles of cameras and videos available in our selection. Select the best fit for your company.

    Shop through our selection!

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    Promotional camera and video make events much more fun. Whether you're exhibiting at a concert or trade show, customers love to record their memories!

    Want to make your customers smile big? Camera and video is definitely it! Today, technology is huge with customers, and giving them the tech they need will only make them happier.

    Our featured list of camera and video are popular in this category. You won’t want to miss out on checking these options!

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