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Remote Control WiFi Drone with CameraPromotional Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera
as low as $93.53
Min. QTY: 6
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Promotional 4k Wifi Action Camera
as low as $98.37
Min. QTY: 4
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Promotional Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera
as low as $93.53
Min. QTY: 5
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Promotional 720P Action Camera with Full Color Wrap
Promotional 720p-action-camera-with-full-color-wrap
as low as $49.94
Min. QTY: 3
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Promotional HD Action Camera with Full Color Wrap
Promotional hd-action-camera-with-full-color-wrap
as low as $80.47
Min. QTY: 6
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Promotional Smart WiFi Security Camera, Full Color Digital
as low as $41.60
Min. QTY: 10
Promotional Smart WiFi Security Camera
as low as $38.70
Min. QTY: 10
Promotional Orbit Swivel Beacon with Motion Detector
as low as $7.79
Min. QTY: 25
About this Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera:The Wifi Drone is the most advanced drone currently available.Through the provided App you are able to see live video from your flying drone.Plus you are able to fly the drone from any smartphone.This allows you to take great aerial videos or photos from the HD 720P camera.The flight time is 7 minutes on a single charge.The drone is capable of flying up to 262 ft. from the user.SD card not included.Assembly required.Inventory currently not available.Please contact for ETA.Material: ABS Plastic.Special Instructions:Other imprint methods/areas may be available; please call for details. Please note that product images may not depict the standard imprint method included in pricing.
Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera
About this 4k Wifi Action Camera:The HD Wifi action camera comes equipped with a 4k HD lens and a 2" LCD screen to capture the special moment.The action camera is capable of taking both pictures & video with crystal clear resolution.The wifi capabilities allow you to take your photography to a new level.Simply download the suggested App to control the camera from your mobile device.Along with the HD camera you will receive 13 additional accessories, which include a waterproof case, helmet mount, and a handlebar mount.Micro USB charging cable included.Micro SD Card not included.Material: ABS Plastic. 4K HD Camera Accessories Included Uses MicroSD Card Color Printed 4K HD Camera The Promotional 4K HD Camera is a high definition camera that lets you record video in great detail. Accessories Included The 4K WiFi Custom Printed Action Camera has tons of accessories included so you have everything you need. Uses MicroSD Card The 4K WiFi Branded Action Camera uses a MicroSD card so you can swap it from some smartphones. Color Printed The 4K WiFi Promo Action Camera is color printed with your logo or custom design in a color imprint with up to 2 colors. Special Instructions:Other imprint methods/areas may be available; please call for details. Please note that product images may not depict the standard imprint method included in pricing.
4k Wifi Action Camera
About this Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera:Now no matter where you go you can check in on your home, office, or anywhere the Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera can be mounted.Once the camera is connected to your wifi network you're able to view the live stream or footage from a certain time from an App anywhere you have mobile service.From the App you can record video, takes photos, use the camera as a microphone.The camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 110 degree vertically.The Built in motion sensors will trigger the camera to follow the motion automatically.You can also control the view of the camera from the App.Compatible with any micro SD card up to 64GB.AC Adapter, Micro USB Cable, and wall mounts are included.The camera is only able to connect to 2.4Gz networks.Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.Micro SD Card not included.Material: ABS Plastic.
Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera
About this 720P Action Camera with Full Color Wrap:Includes 720P Action Camera and Full Color Wrap.Material: ABS Plastic.
720P Action Camera with Full Color Wrap
About this HD Action Camera with Full Color Wrap:Includes HD Action Camera and Full Color Wrap.Material: ABS Plastic.
HD Action Camera with Full Color Wrap
About this Smart WiFi Security Camera, Full Color Digital:The Smart WiFi Security Camera with full color digital print.View images from anywhere in the world.Phone monitoring available with Apple and Android devices.Wireless control over camera's settings via mobile devices.360 degree rotation.Record settings can be set to "Auto Record" for 24 hour recording, footage stored on SD card. Note that when SD memory run outs (up to 64 GB supported) older footage will be overridden.Record feature on App will record footage within the App itself, not to the SD card.Alarm settings will record video footage when sensing movement for up to two minute after initial movement, which will be stored on the SD card.Supports 64 GB SD card (not included).Two-way audio with built in microphone and speaker.Night vision distance up to 10 meters.Supported by free mobile app V380.720P (1280x720) resolution.USB cable included.No battery - must be plugged in at all times.Great for home security or child monitoring.
Smart WiFi Security Camera, Full Color Digital
About this Smart WiFi Security Camera:View images from anywhere in the world.Phone monitoring available with Apple and Android devices.Wireless control over camera's settings via mobile devices.360 degree rotation.Record settings can be set to "Auto Record" for 24 hour recording, footage stored on SD card. Note that when SD memory run outs (up to 64 GB supported) older footage will be overridden.Record feature on App will record footage within the App itself, not to the SD card.Alarm settings will record video footage when sensing movement for up to two minute after initial movement, which will be stored on the SD card.Supports 64 GB SD card (not included).Two-way audio with built in microphone and speaker.Night vision distance up to 10 meters.Supported by free mobile app V380.720P (1280x720) resolution.USB cable included.No battery - must be plugged in at all times.Great for home security or child monitoring.
Smart WiFi Security Camera
About this Orbit Swivel Beacon with Motion Detector:Powerful 16-bulb circular COB light.100 degree swivel action.Motion-sensing detector up to 15 feet.Includes magnetic mount for wall or table.Includes 3 AAA, inserted.ABS casing.
Orbit Swivel Beacon with Motion Detector

Top Sellers

Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera

Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera Need a fun and cool item as an employee incentive? The Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera is the perfect promotional item to give to your employees!

Reward your customers or employees with a drone. Drones are currently trending in popularity, so you know this is the perfect item!

Features on the Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera:

  • The Wifi Drone is the most advanced drone currently available.
  • Through the provided App you are able to see live video from your flying drone.
  • Plus you are able to fly the drone from any smartphone.
  • This allows you to take great aerial videos or photos from the HD 720P camera.
  • The flight time is 7 minutes on a single charge.
  • The drone is capable of flying up to 262 ft. from the user.
  • SD card not included.
  • Assembly required.
  • Please contact for ETA.
  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Order your Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera here.

    Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera

    Remote Control WiFi Drone with Camera This Smart Home WiFi camera will give the recipient peace of mind that their home is being monitored.

  • Now no matter where you go you can check in on your home, office, or anywhere the Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camera can be mounted.
  • Once the camera is connected to your wifi network you're able to view the live stream or footage from a certain time from an App anywhere you have mobile service.
  • From the App you can record video, takes photos, use the camera as a microphone.
  • The camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 110 degree vertically.
  • The Built in motion sensors will trigger the camera to follow the motion automatically.

  • Order your Smart Home 1080P HD Home Wifi Camerahere.

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