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Micro 3 Led Torch / Key Holder
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Renegade 9 White Leds Aluminum Flashlight With Multiple Color Choices

“I love that these flashlights came with batteries in the box! They are light weight and very bright.” - Kimberly

“Excellent customer service! Love the product! I handed these out at an event for senior adults and it was a big hit. It's nice to offer people something and have them go "Yes, I need THAT!” - Gabrielle

“Very good product for the money. Courtesous and fast. the quality of the product and the printing were both excellent.” - Nevaeh

Thank you Kimberly, Gabrielle and Nevaeh! We are very glad to read your positive reviews on our promotional Renegade 9 White Leds Aluminum Flashlight With Multiple Color Choices.

These flashlights are very bright and last a long time. Their quality is what makes them the most popular product in this category!

About the Renegade 9 White Leds Aluminum Flashlight With Multiple Color Choices:

  • Lightweight, Rich enamel color finish body with metallic silver accent, decorative dimple and ribbed accents, 9 bright white LED bulbs, Easy-to-use big black push button.
  • Includes black strap and batteries.

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    Battery Operated Mini Fan w/ Soft Blades

    Turbo Mini Fan/Flashlight “Very nice - just what I was looking for! These are wonderful!” - Irene

    “Everybody loves them! They were of excellent quality and also the cost was right. High quality.” - Riley

    Thank you Irene and Riley! We’re glad to hear how happy your are with our promotional Turbo Mini Fan/Flashlight! It’s a customer’s favorite!

    The Turbo Mini Fan/Flashlight is a fun product to have because of its duo feature. The flashlight and the fan makes this product so special!

    Features on the Battery Operated Mini Fan w/ Soft Blades:

  • White standard blades.
  • Lanyard.
  • Rubber base pads.
  • Material: Plastic with foam blades

  • Order your Turbo Mini Fan/Flashlight here.

    Astro Aluminum Mini Flashlight

    Astro Aluminum Mini Flashlight “Great item. People were very excited to receive this products! They fit well on your keychain without being too big or bulky.” - Isabelle

    “Very nice. Really bright!” - Cathy

    Thank you Isabelle and Cathy for your reviews on our Astro Aluminum Mini Flashlight!

    This flashlight is perfect for keychains! It will help you at night as you’re trying to unlock your house door with your keys!

    Features on Astro Aluminum Mini Flashlight:

  • 9 white LED lights.
  • Push-button on/off power switch.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Material: Aluminum

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    Promotional Flashlights & Lanterns

    With over 680 promotional flashlights and lanterns, the bright one is waiting for you to order!

    We have magnetic LED flashlights, aluminum mini flashlights, flashing reflector light with hook clip, USB Flexi-Lights, keychain key lights, screwdriver flashlights and more!

    Flashlights and lanterns are perfect for all customers! Flashlights are always needed when walking at night. Give these handy flashlights or lanterns to your customer to guide them with light.

    Promotional flashlights and lanterns are perfect for any event! Customers will love to have these with their car keys!

    Look through our selection of flashlights and lanterns. Shop here!

    Flashlights Make Great Gifts

    Just like our customers, AnyPromo sets the bar high when it comes to making big brand impact, while getting the best bang for your buck! Click through our inventory of technology accessories to find what best fits your goals.

    These event fan favs will be in high demand instead of winding up in the trash. Save money and make a BIG hit at events with our specially priced technology accessories. Great for dark corners, blackouts, adding flare to a campfire ghost story, lanterns and flashlights do the trick!

    Check out our flashlights on sale now.

    All Sorts of Promotional Flashlights & Lanterns

    Here’s our most wanted list from our trending flashlights and lanterns. Every item is available and ready for ordering through our helpful staff. Light up the night!

  • Garrity Magnetic LED Flashlight
  • Garrity Aluminum 9 LED Flashlight
  • Astro Aluminum Mini Flashlight
  • Flashing Reflector Light With Hook Clip
  • Custom SmashLight Letter Flashlight
  • Bright WATT Zoomin Flashlight
  • Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight with USB
  • 3 L.E.D. Headlamp 2 Lithium Battery
  • And many more

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    Promotional flashlights and lanterns are convenient items to give away. Customers will appreciate receiving a flashlight or lantern for any dark situation.

    Not sure whether you should get a flashlight or lantern? Flashlights are very popular with customers because of night safety. Promote the light that will help your customers feel more safe!

    Our featured list of flashlights and lanterns are currently trending in this category. Don’t miss out on these promotional items!

    Our featured flashlights and lanterns:

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