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Promotional 6 Mini Plastic Football
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Made in USA
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Promotional 11 Standard Balloons
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Made in USA
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Promotional 1 1/2 Poker Chips
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About this 16 Beach Ball:This 16" Beach Ball from AnyPromo is a classic and affordable giveaway. We carry a wide selection — solid color beach balls, retro panel beach balls and clear beach balls are available. Pad Printing is on an imprint area of 3" x 3" to prominently display your logo on this inflatable ball. These wholesale inflatable beach balls are a customer-voted "Top 100" item because they are an attention-getting way to get exposure for your brand. Promotional beach balls are a summer promotion essential, especially if your business involves fun in the sun. Whether at a picnic, beach, resort, or water park, custom inflatable beach balls are a very affordable way. Branded beach balls are also great for guerrilla marketing. Start tossing some of these around at a concert or crowded beach to get everyone to spread around your message! More details about our 16" Custom Beach Balls: Personalized beach balls in bulk with Pad Printing. NOTICE: This item contains required information to be imprinted by federal law. Required information is not optional and may not be removed. We thank you for your understanding. Great for Outdoors Pad Printed Solid or Paneled 15 Available Colors Standard Beach Balls These standard-sized beach balls have a 10" diameter and 16" half-circumference, making them great for all-purpose fun. Great for Outdoor Fun Beach balls are an easy, budget-friendly way to add instant fun to outdoor events like concerts and festivals. Fully Customizable These beach balls come in 15 different color variations including solid colors, single color paneled, and even rainbow paneled. Free 1-Day Rush Need custom beach balls in a hurry? We've got you covered with free 1-day rush production when you order this product from AnyPromo. Special Instructions:Multicolor imprint is available, Please call for service. Related Products: 16" Multi Colored Beach Ball as low as $1.01 12" Beach Ball as low as $0.86 20" Beach Ball as low as $1.54 24" Beach Ball as low as $2.18
16" Beach Ball
About this 6 Plush Teddy Bear with T - Shirt:The 6" Teddy Bear with T-Shirt from AnyPromo is a promotional plush teddy bear with an imprintable shirt. This cute and cuddly polyester teddy bear features soft fur and embroidered paws. Available with T-Shirts in 8 different colors with Screen Printing on an imprint area of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" for your logo or brand. These Custom Teddy Bears are a customer-voted "Top 100" item because traditional teddy bears don't just warm up the hearts of those that receive them, they are a high-retention item. The only thing better than being given a custom plush bear is being given a bear wearing the shirt of your favorite brand. A branded teddy bear can last for years as an office decoration, often becoming something of an office mascot. More details about the 6"" Teddy Bear with Custom T-Shirt: Cute and Cuddly Plush Teddy Bear with Embroidered Paws. Meets Federal Toy Safety Standards. A treasured and unique gift with the ultimate way to show your logo and convey a positive message. Material: Bear & Shirt: 100% Polyester. Disclaimer: Not For Use For Children Under 3. Safe for Ages 3+ 100% Polyester 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” Screen Print 8 Available Shirt Colors Cute and Cuddly This promotional teddy beat features glossy eyes, enbroidered paws, and made with soft fur to be extra cuddly. Imprintable T-Shirt Comes with a shirt in one of 8 available colors with a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2" custom branded Screen Printing on the front. Safe for Ages 3+ This promotional product is safe for children. It meets Federal Toy Safety Standards and is rated safe for ages 3+. Best Price Guarantee If you find this branded teddy bear cheaper elsewhere, AnyPromo won't just match the price but beat it by 10% of the difference.
6" Plush Teddy Bear with T-Shirt
About this 6 Mini Plastic Football:The 6” Mini Plastic Football is a little plastic football that’s great for kids or as an office toy. Anything you put on this promotional mini football will be associated with the fun of throwing it around. That means people who love fun will also love your establishment. Not only is this mini promotional football available in a large selection of colors (sixteen), you can have them printed with PMS customized ink (any color). These promotional toy footballs are also proudly made and customized in the United States. Custom printed footballs don’t just make great giveaways, they make great tokens for redeemables offers. If you want to be the top establishment in a town that loves school sports, try putting a redeemable coupon on these footballs. With a great promotion, you can be the busiest establishment after games. Mini Plastic Footballs Made in the USA. Durable blow molded plastic footballs are great for giveaways and a simple source of low cost advertising. Each plastic football is 6", measured with arc of ball. Sponsoring the local Pop Warner team is great if you want a framed "Thank You" picture in your pizza shop Giving out mini-footballs with your logo at games is even better if you want everyone to remember you. Promote to All Ages Print the Season Schedule Custom Screen Printed 16 Available Colors Recruit Tomorrow's Players If you're a high school or college football coach, promotional mini footballs are great for inspiring future freshmen players. Made in the USA These 6" Promotional Mini Footballs are proudly manufactured and customized domestically in the United States. Free 2-Day Rush Need custom mini footballs in a hurry? We've got you covered with free 2-day rush production when you get 1-color, 1-location customization. This product is spot-printed. Each color printed will typically have up to 1/4" of drift. Designs with different colors too close together may result in the colors misregistering (overlapping with each other). Related Products: Football Stress Reliever as low as $0.96
6" Mini Plastic Football
About this 11 Standard Balloons:These 11" Standard Balloons from AnyPromo are customizable balloons made from natural latex that's 100% biodegradable, so you don't have to worry if one accidentally flies away. Available in a selection of 13 individual colors or in an assortment of 6 colors (red, light blue, orange, yellow, green, pink). Customized with color imprint on an area of 5 1/2" in diameter. These promotional balloons are a customer voted "Top 100" item because not only are they helium quality at a budget-friendly price, they are made in the USA. Our balloons will stay up all day as well, with an average float time of 12-14 hours with helium. Not only are promotional latex balloons a great item for car dealerships, they are terrific for marathons, company picnics, or simply adding festivity to a restaraunt or grocery store. If you'd like to draw attention to your business, try one of our vibrantly colored balloons to catch eyeballs. More details about our Custom 100% Natural 11" Latex Balloons: 100 percent natural latex completely biodegradable imprinted balloon. Average float time with helium is 12-14 hours. Balloons should be stored in a cool, dark place until used. Two color registration. WARNING: Not for children under 8 years old. Whether you're promoting at a celebration or want to draw attention, balloons are a time-tested classic for branded promotions. These balloons are especially popular for children's events, grand openings, and drawing attention from a busy street. 100% Natural Latex Free Rush Production 12 Available Colors Assortments Available Bio-Degradable If one of these balloons accidentally flies away, you don't have to sweat it because they're made with 100% natural latex rubber that bio-degrades!. Made in the USA Looking to buy American products? These promotional latex balloons are proudly manufactured and custom printed domestically in the United States. Free Rush Need custom printed balloons in a hurry? AnyPromo has got you covered with free 1-day rush production with 1-color, 1-location printing. Special Instructions:Rush Service on Catalog Quantities, 1 Color/ 1 Location Only.
11" Standard Balloons
About this 1 1/2 Poker Chips: These 11.5 gram poker chips are the same size and thickness as casino chips, but are stronger, as they are made out of an ABS composite material. They come in a variety of colors and feature a dice illustration along the edge. Minimum order per item color is 500 pcs. Customize with your brand name or logo to hand out at charity events, fundraisers, casinos and more! A Fun Novelty ABS Composite Material Pad Printed 10 Available Colors Genuine Poker Chip These poker chips are the same size and thickness of standard casino chips and feature dice around the border. Excitement of Possibility Poker chips represent more than money, they invoke the excitement of the casino and the possibility of winning big. Great for Contests If you have a contest or a raffle, poker chips make great tokens to represent someone's chance of winning. Host A Poker Game Hosting a poker game with branded chips can make for a great company activity with employees or valued customers. NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label when shipped to California.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
1 1/2" Poker Chips
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