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About this PopSockets Phone Stand:The PopSocket Phone Stand from AnyPromo is a revolutionary phone stand and phone holder that pops out and then snaps back flat. Not only are Pop Sockets extremely handy as a media stand, they are great for way to get brand exposure every time someone takes out their phone. Available in 3 different colors with a 1.3" diameter screen print or 1.53" diameter 4 color process print. Promotional Pop Sockets are a customer-voted "Top 100" item because they are versatile and great multiple uses. Pop Socket media stands can not only be used for watching movies on your smartphone, they can be adjusted for video chats or used as a grip for texting and taking better selfies. Pop Sockets are an ideal giveaway because not only does pretty much every working professional carry a smart phone, these trendy phone stands works with any device. The special adhesive gel that attaches the stand to the phone is not only repositionable, it is rinsable and doesn't leave residue on your phone. More details about the Pop Socket Phone Stand: A PopSocket Phone Stand sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its rinsible, repositionable gel. Once extended, the PopSockets become a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat. The possibilities are endless with PopSockets Phone Stands, and with full color imprinting. The back of anyone's phone is prime real estate for marketing your brand, and the best part is that PopSockets® can be used on any type of phone. Custom Printed Top Full Color Print Available Free Shipping 3 Color Options Retail Appeal Pop Sockets make a great giveaway because they're undeniably popular. It's a lot easier to promote to people who want what you're giving away. Multi-Function Accessory Not only are Pop Sockets a great phone stand for watching movies, they also make a great grip for taking selfies or high performance texting and swiping. High Quality Adhesive These are genuine Pop Sockets with a signature high quality adhesive gel that sticks on securely but dosen't leave a residue if it's removed. Free Shipping Looking to save money on your next promotion? AnyPromo has got you covered with free shipping on orders of customized Pop Sockets. Free ground shipping to any one continental USA location only. For any other additional locations or non continental USA locations please call for a quote.
PopSockets Grip
PopSockets Phone Stand
About this The Navagio 2.5 Liter Water Resistant Dry Bag With Clear Pocket Window:The Navagio 2.5 Liter Dry Bag is made of 210T Ripstop Polyester with PVC backing. It has a clear inside pocket for handy storage of a cell phone (which can be operated through the clear window). The Roll Top and Buckle Closure ensures your valuables are safe and dry inside the bag. Perfect for food, snacks, spare clothes and valuables when outside for a day on the hiking trail or at the beach, lake or other outdoor destinations. The Buckle Closure is also a carrying handle or clip it onto other bags, a backpack or even a belt loop. For proper use, fold top of bag down 3 times before snapping buckle together!Disclaimer: Factory cannot be responsible for phone damage due to improper sealing or insertion of phone into pouch. NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to Special Instructions:2 Day Rush Service: 1. Printing 1 color / 1 location only.2. Epoxy dome, sand etch, personalization's and heat transfer are not available for 2 Day Rush Service.
"The Navagio" 2.5 Liter Water Resistant Dry Bag With Clear Pocket Window
About this 3/4 Silkscreen Lanyard With FREE Breakaway Release:The SilkScreen 3/4" Lanyard with Free Breakaway Release from AnyPromo is a promotional lanyard made from durable polyester. The custom lanyard comes with a metal bulldog or swivel clip, with a safety break-away added for safety at no charge. Available in 9 different colors with color imprinting on the front of the lanyard on an imprint area of 12" x 1/2". This Silk Screen Breakaway Lanyard is a customer-voted "Top 100" item because lanyards can be useful for people of all ages, from all walks of life. Promotional lanyards are especially popular for tradeshow badges, badges for facility guests, and to keeping keys organized and easy to find. No matter what someone uses your custom lanyards for, they'll be prominently displaying your brand. About this 3/4 SilkScreen Lanyard with FREE Breakaway Release: The popular size 3/4" width polyester lanyard with a SilkScreen imprint on the front (left and right) side of the lanyard included in the price. NO extra charge for the metal bulldog or swivel clip attachment and NO extra charge for the must-have safety break-away release. Microfiber golf towels are a customer favorite they are highly prized by golf players and car enthusiasts. These soft microfiber towels are made from 300 GSM microfiber, which is remarkably soft and amazingly effective for polishing. Available in 6 different colors and customized with an imprint on the corner or center of the towel. 12” x ½” Screen Print Bulldog or Swivel Clip Safety Breakaway Release 9 Available Colors Identify Your Brand Whether you're sponsoring a conference or use facility access cards, custom printed lanyards are a great way of distinguishing who is official. Bulldog or Swivel Clip This lanyard comes with either an ultra secure bulldog clip or a swiveling hook clip at no extra charge. Safety Breakaway Features a plastic breakaway snap at the top of the lanyard, often required by hospitals and schools for safety. Custom Printed Customized with a 12" x 1/2" screen print on the front of each side. PMS colors are available upon request. Special Instructions:2 Day Rush Service: 1. Printing 1 color / 1 location only.2. Epoxy dome, sand etch, personalization's and heat transfer are not available for 2 Day Rush Service. Related Products: Blank Clear Badgeholder Fits 3-3/8" x 2-1/2" Insert as low as $0.19 Blank Clear Badgeholder Fits 3-1/2" x 2-1/4" Insert as low as $0.41 Hard Acrylic ID Holder — 3.75" x 1.5" as low as $0.47
3/4" Silkscreen Lanyard With FREE Breakaway Release
About this Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from AnyPromo clean dust, dirt, and oily smudges from scratch-sensitive surfaces like computer monitors, smartphone screens, camera lenses, as well as lenses from glasses and sunglasses. These custom 100% microfiber cloths are made from high-density 170 GSM microfiber material that is both effective at cleaning and gentle on surfaces. Available in 9 different colors with color imprint on either the center (5" x 5") or corner (2 1/2" x 2 1/2") of the cloth. This wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a customer-voted "Top 100" item because they're convenient and budget-friendly. If you've ever tried removing a smudge from your glasses or phone with a T-shirt, you'll notice right away how much more effective these custom micro-fabric cleaning cloths are. Best of all these promotional microfiber cloths fold neatly into a glasses case, making this a giveaway that potentially gets carried everywhere (along with your branding). More details about our Custom Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Removes smudges from sensitive surfaces like sunglasses, eyeglasses, camera lenses, smart phones, as well as laptop and computer screens without scratching. One of the most useful promotional products in our digital era. Comes with Serrated Edges. Material: 170GSM Microfiber. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee aligned fold. Logo and copy printed on cloth may not be 100% viewable once folded and inserted into pouch. Microfiber cloths are a customer favorite because they work great as a tech item on a budget. Not only are these soft cloths great for smartphones, they can safely wipe glasses, camera lenses, and computer monitors as well. 170 GSM Microfiber Serrated Edges Black Vinyl Pouch Available 10 Available Colors 170 GSM Microfiber Made with fine, high-density 170 GSM microfiber that is effective at cleaning but soft enough to prevent scratching screens or lenses. Vinyl Pouch Available Looking for an upgrade? This promotional micfiber cloth is available packaged in a black vinyl pouch for an extra $0.25 cent charge per piece. Best Price Promise We won't be beat. If you find this custom microfiber cloth cheaper eslewhere, AnyPromo won't just match the price, we'll beat it by 10% of the difference. Special Instructions:2 Day Rush Service: 1. Printing 1 color / 1 location only.2. Epoxy dome, sand etch, personalization's and heat transfer are not available for 2 Day Rush Service. Related Products: Microfiber Cleaner Cloth in Pouch as low as $0.57 PopSockets Phone Stand as low as $4.97
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
About this Soft Silicone Cell Phone Wallet:The Soft Silicone Cell Phone Wallet from AnyPromo is a smart phone pocket wallet with genuine 3M adhesive that won't leave residue. This cell phone pocket is made from plastic silicone that improves grip and is flexible enough to accommodate putting cards in and taking them out. Available in 8 different colors with color imprint on an area of 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". These Silicone Cell Phone Pockets are a customer-voted "Top 100" item because most people constantly have a cell phone in their hand or in their pocket. With an adhesive cell phone wallet, your customers can carry other essentials like an ID, credit card, hotel room key, or small amounts of cash. Most importantly, they'll also be carrying around your logo, giving your brand virtually countless impressions! More details about the Adhesive Cell Phone Silicone Wallet: The Soft Silicone Cell Phone Wallet has a real 3M adhesive backing. Securely holds 2-3 credit cards,a driver's license,money,business cards,hotel room keycard and more. Makes your phone easier to grip. Includes an instruction and explanation sheet enclosed. No Residue after Removal. Material: Plastic Silicone. Silicone Smartphone Wallets are a customer favorite because they bring the right mix of usefulness and brand exposure. Pocket wallets bring a whole new dimension of utility to phones and are made to be seen. The back of a smartphone is a coveted spot for brand promoters because phones get used so often and everyone the logo when it's taken out. Attaches to Smartphones Instructions Included Genuine 3M Adhesive 8 Available Colors Give Simplicity With a pocket wallet on the back of a smartphone, your customers will be able to head out with just their phone and keys. Silicone Rubber Made with soft silicone which is flexible enough to accommodate up to 3 cards and helps keeps smartphones in-hand with surface friction. Genuine 3M Adhesive Features patented 3M adhesive that not only sticks on cleanly the first time, but doesn't leave sticky residue when removed. Best Price Guarantee If you find this custom cell phone wallet cheaper elsewhere, AnyPromo won't just match the price but beat it by 10% of the difference. Special Instructions:2 Day Rush Service: 1. Printing 1 color / 1 location only.2. Epoxy dome, sand etch, personalization's and heat transfer are not available for 2 Day Rush Service. Related Products: Silicone Cellphone Pocket Card Holder / Wallet as low as $0.68 PopSockets Phone Stand as low as $4.97
Soft Silicone Cell Phone Wallet
About this The Twister Metal Smartphone Ring Holder and Stand:The Twister Cell Phone Ring from AnyPromo is a metal ring grip for the back of your smart phone and a phone ring stand. This metal smartphone finger ring features an adhesive backing that is easily removed and doesn't leave residue. Laser engraved on the front on an imprint area of 1 1/4" x 3/4". The Twister Cell Phone Ring Grip is a customer-voted "Top 100" item because it is so versatile. These phone grips not only help prevent you from dropping your phone, but can make it easier to hold for taking selfies and can be used as a phone stand for watching videos. If you worry about your cell phone slipping out of your hands, the Twister Metal Cell Phone Ring may be just the thing to give you peace of mind. Compatible with any smart phone, including Android and Apple devices. More details about the Twister Cell Phone Ring Holder & Stand: Convenient and safe metal ring grip prevents dropping and damaging mobile phones. Also enhances control of mobility while operating phone or taking pictures. Strong metal rotating ring also functions as a convenient phone stand for viewing videos, movies, playing music, reading the newspapers or books and more. Laser engraved imprint on matte metal center. Adhesive backing is easily removed leaving minimal residue. Slight shifting of imprint cannot be avoided when printing or Laser Engraving. Each product is manufactured and printed individually so up to 3/16” movement in logo printing alignment is acceptable and cannot be considered a defect. Products are intended for individual use and not for comparison to one another. Adhesive Backing Enhances Grip Doubles as Stand Laser Engraved Keeps Phone Secure Using a ring holder on the back of a phone not only makes it easier to hold on to and allows for easier one-handed use. Doubles as Stand Works as a stand when propped out so that the attached phone or media player can be viewed hands-free. Quality Adhesive Uses a high quality adhesive on the back that sticks well the first time and doesn't leave residue when removed. Laser Engraved Smartphone ring is customized with a 1 1/2" x 2 3/8" Laser Engraving that gives this product a professional appeal. Special Instructions:2 Day Rush Service: 1. Printing 1 color / 1 location only.2. Epoxy dome, sand etch, personalization's and heat transfer are not available for 2 Day Rush Service.
The Twister' Metal Smartphone Ring Holder and Stand
About this Mini Sharp Mark(R) Permanent Markers With Key Ring Cap:Mini is the next big thing!With it's durable ink and key ring cap The Mini Sharp Mark is great for use as a golf ball marker!Non-Toxic.Color of cap matches ink color.White barrels.
Mini Sharp Mark® Permanent Markers With Key Ring Cap
About this 6 Mini Plastic Football:The 6” Mini Plastic Football is a little plastic football that’s great for kids or as an office toy. Anything you put on this promotional mini football will be associated with the fun of throwing it around. That means people who love fun will also love your establishment. Not only is this mini promotional football available in a large selection of colors (sixteen), you can have them printed with PMS customized ink (any color). These promotional toy footballs are also proudly made and customized in the United States. Custom printed footballs don’t just make great giveaways, they make great tokens for redeemables offers. If you want to be the top establishment in a town that loves school sports, try putting a redeemable coupon on these footballs. With a great promotion, you can be the busiest establishment after games. Mini Plastic Footballs Made in the USA. Durable blow molded plastic footballs are great for giveaways and a simple source of low cost advertising. Each plastic football is 6", measured with arc of ball. Sponsoring the local Pop Warner team is great if you want a framed "Thank You" picture in your pizza shop Giving out mini-footballs with your logo at games is even better if you want everyone to remember you. Promote to All Ages Print the Season Schedule Custom Screen Printed 16 Available Colors Recruit Tomorrow's Players If you're a high school or college football coach, promotional mini footballs are great for inspiring future freshmen players. Made in the USA These 6" Promotional Mini Footballs are proudly manufactured and customized domestically in the United States. Free 2-Day Rush Need custom mini footballs in a hurry? We've got you covered with free 2-day rush production when you get 1-color, 1-location customization. This product is spot-printed. Each color printed will typically have up to 1/4" of drift. Designs with different colors too close together may result in the colors misregistering (overlapping with each other). Related Products: Football Stress Reliever as low as $0.96
6" Mini Plastic Football
About this Foldable Nylon Fan:The Foldable Nylon Fan from AnyPromo is a customizable hand fan that folds conveniently into the handle. This customizable fan is extra convenient because it can easily fit in a pocket or purse on hot days. Promotional Nylon Folding Fans are a customer-voted "Top 100" item because they are great for promotion at outdoor events. When it's very sunny out, clients and customers will be very glad to have a fan to cool off or shade their faces. That's why these promotional fans are a top seller for graduations, outdoor weddings, and sporting events. This promotional Nylon Folding Fan is available in blue, red, green, white, and yellow. Customized with a 4 1/4" diameter screen print on the fan or a 1 1/2" x 3/8" screen print on the handle. PMS colors are available. More details about the Folding Nylon Fan: Economical nylon fan folds into handle for compact storage. Screen printed on the fan, handle, or both. Fan is 7" in diameter. With global warming on the horizon, outdoor events are going to get hotter and hotter. If you don't provide a way to beat the heat, you may find everyone going home early. Luckily, AnyPromo has got you covered with nifty promotional nylon fans that fold into the handle. Folds Into Handle Portable & Reusable Custom Screen Printed 5 Available Colors Great for Outdoor Events These folding nylon hand fans are a customer favorite for outdoor events like beach weddings, graduation ceremonies, and sports events. Keep Crowds Cool If you've spent money hosting an event, providing a means for your attendees to relieve themselves from the heat is a great way to keep them from bailing out early. Fits In A Purse Our customers have reported back that these promotional fans are frequently seen being re-used by moms in school and parish communities. Special Instructions:Rush Service: Max 1000 units (48 hr).
Foldable Nylon Fan
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