Buckle Release 1'' Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-black.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-black_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-burgundy.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-burgundy_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-hunter-green.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-hunter-green_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-navy.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-navy_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-orange.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-orange_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-purple.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-purple_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-red.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-red_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-royal-blue.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-royal-blue_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-white.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-white_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-yellow.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/750932_color-yellow_1.jpg/v3Buckle Release 1" Lanyard

Buckle Release 1" Lanyard

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About this Buckle Release 1 Lanyard:

  • Psst! Want to see a magic trick? Take any group of folks and outfit them with lanyards.
  • They'll transform into a team, right before your eyes!
  • Lanyards have the ability to instantly professionalize⁠ people — no uniforms needed.
  • Make the most of this superpower by choosing a premium lanyard with lots of functionality, such as our Maverick lanyard, which comes equipped with slide buckle release, a silver oval clip, and convenience release.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
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