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Promotional Shelf Talker 4 x 7-1/4
as low as $1.01
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Key Point Blood Pressure - Guide Record Keeper
as low as $0.50
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Flexible Mood Business Card
as low as $0.45
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Key Point Medication Record Keeper
as low as $0.50
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Hard Card - 3 X 5 W / oval Cut Out 3 X 5
Promotional hard-card-3-x-5-woval-cut-out-3-x-5
as low as $0.62
Min. QTY: 75
Made in USA
Promotional Shower Card - Breast Self - Exam
as low as $0.81
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Hard Card - 3 X 4 W / oval Cut Out 3 X 4
Promotional hard-card-3-x-4-woval-cut-out-3-x-4
as low as $0.55
Min. QTY: 75
Made in USA
Promotional Shower Card - Breast Self Exam (Spanish)
as low as $0.81
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Pocket Slider - Safe Gun Handling
as low as $0.57
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional HD Res Membership Cards
as low as $0.27
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Shelf Wobblers with Tab Adhesive
as low as $1.11
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional 4 Plastic Round Shelf Talker
Promotional round-shelf-talker
as low as $0.33
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Sharp Minds - Word Search Challenge
as low as $2.13
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Sharp Minds - Your Active Mind Challenge
as low as $2.13
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Rectangle Shelf Talker
Promotional rectangle-shelf-talker
as low as $0.33
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Shelf Talker 5-1/4 x 7-1/4
as low as $1.26
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Medical Register - Paper Products
Promotional medical-register-paper-products
as low as $0.48
Min. QTY: 1000
Promotional Planner Med - Tracker
as low as $1.37
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Planner Womens Health
as low as $1.37
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Scratch off Paper Wallet Card
Promotional scratch-off-paper-wallet-card
as low as $0.57
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Re - Stick - It Decal (3.5x4) Rectangle Shape
as low as $0.83
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Hard Card - 2 x 3.25 w / oval cut out 2 x 3.25
Promotional hard-card-2-x-325-woval-cut-out-2-x-325
as low as $0.35
Min. QTY: 75
Made in USA
Promotional Hard Card - 3 x 4 w / round cut outs 3 x 4
Promotional hard-card-3-x-4-wround-cut-outs-3-x-4
as low as $0.55
Min. QTY: 75
Made in USA
Promotional The Essential Giveaway Kit
as low as $9.45
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Pocket Slider - Ears, Eyes, Nose Throat
as low as $0.57
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Sharp Minds - Crossword Challenge
as low as $2.13
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Sharp Minds - Sudoku Challenge
as low as $2.13
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Sharp Minds - Brain Teasers Challenge
as low as $2.13
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Custom Shelf Talker
as low as $1.20
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional PaperSplash 6 X 4 Insert Card
as low as $0.17
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional PaperSplash 8 1/2 X 11 Tri - Fold Brochure
as low as $0.96
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional PaperSplash 9 X 16 Tri - Fold Brochure
as low as $1.44
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional PaperSplash 3 5/8 x 8 1/2 Insert Card
as low as $0.23
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
About this Shelf Talker 4 x 7-1/4:Our bright Shelf Talkers will catch their attention.Constructed of overlaminated 0.010 rigid vinyl. Stock Background, call for.
Shelf Talker 4" x 7-1/4"
About this Key Point Blood Pressure - Guide Record Keeper:Understand your blood pressure and it's easier to control it. Plus tips on healthy eating and stress. Fact-filled fold-up guide to interesting and informative topics. Eight panels front and back fold to credit-card size. Materials: Paper
Key Point: Blood Pressure - Guide & Record Keeper
About this Flexible Mood Business Card:Thin flexible plastic changes color with the heat of your hands.Severe weather conditions may effect the mood change.Special Instructions:1 Day Rush: 1 color, 1 location. PMS color matches are not available with 1 Day Rush.
Flexible Mood Business Card
About this Key Point Medication Record Keeper:What medicines are you taking? Track your medications including dosage, schedule and diagnosis. Record your prescription numbers, too. Fact-filled fold-up guide to interesting and informative topics. Eight panels front and back fold to credit-card size. Materials: Paper
Key Point: Medication Record Keeper
About this Hard Card - 3 X 5 W / oval Cut Out 3 X 5:Hard Card - 3" x 5" w/oval cut out — 3" x 5"Welcome guests with their own badge! The card can be personalized and is perfect for employees, club members, officers, directors, students, security personnel and one-day passes. Choose from three popular sizes!
Hard Card - 3" X 5" W/oval Cut Out — 3" X 5"
About this Shower Card - Breast Self - Exam:Featuring breast self-exam instructions and a chart of leading causes of illness in women. This double-sided, waterproof card hangs anywhere as a handy guide on performing monthly self-exams. It includes perforated punch-out rounds for 12 months of the year to help you stay on schedule.
Shower Card - Breast Self-Exam
About this Shower Card - Early Detection For Breast / Testicular Cancer:This handy, waterproof card hangs anywhere as a step-by-step instructional guide on performing monthly self exams for early detection of breast cancer, or on the alternate side, testicular cancer. The card includes perforated punch-out rounds for 12 months of the year to keep you on a regular schedule.
Shower Card - Early Detection For Breast / Testicular Cancer
About this Shower Card - Early Detection For Breast / Testicular Cancer (Spanish):This handy, waterproof card hangs anywhere as a step-by-step instructional guide on performing monthly self exams for early detection of breast cancer, or on the alternate side, testicular cancer. The card includes perforated punch-out rounds for 12 months of the year to keep you on a regular schedule.
Shower Card - Early Detection For Breast / Testicular Cancer (Spanish)
About this Hard Card - 3 X 4 W / oval Cut Out 3 X 4:Hard Card - 3" x 4" w/oval cut out — 3" x 4"Welcome guests with their own badge! The card can be personalized and is perfect for employees, club members, officers, directors, students, security personnel and one-day passes. Choose from three popular sizes!
Hard Card - 3" X 4" W/oval Cut Out — 3" X 4"
About this Shower Card - Breast Self Exam (Spanish):Breast Exam Shower Card in Spanish.Featuring breast self-exam instructions and a chart of leading causes of illness in women. This double-sided, waterproof card hangs anywhere as a handy guide on performing monthly self-exams. It includes perforated punch-out rounds for 12 months of the year to help you stay on schedule.
Shower Card - Breast Self Exam (Spanish)
About this Pocket Slider - Safe Gun Handling:Every year, thousands of children in the U.S. are killed or wounded by guns in their home. This guide offers lifesaving tips to protect children, and the entire family, from gun accidents. It includes critical information on gun storage and handling, with a special section of tips to keep children safe around firearms. Interactive learning is easy with this sliding informational card. Each bullet point is augmented with interesting information provided through a clear viewing window. The two-sided pocket slider is made on high quality, glossy card stock that is durable and fun to use.
Pocket Slider - Safe Gun Handling
About this HD Res Membership Cards:HIgh Definition, Full Color GraphicsWhite gloss vinyl plasticTwo Sided Imprint Available
HD Res Membership Cards
About this Shelf Wobblers with Tab Adhesive:Shelf Wobblers With or Without Adhesive Tab. Reach customers where it counts - at the point of purchase.
Shelf Wobblers with Tab Adhesive
About this 4 Plastic Round Shelf Talker:Plastic 4" round shelf talker made of 10 mil white matte plastic.Perfect for grabbing attention on any store shelf.Material :10 Mil white matte flexible plastic.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
4" Plastic Round Shelf Talker
About this Sharp Minds - Word Search Challenge:Communication promotes learning; yet, the foundation of good communication is a sound vocabulary. The Word Search Challenge series could be the only spelling bee and vocabulary quiz that you'll actually enjoy! 
Sharp Minds - Word Search Challenge
About this Sharp Minds - Your Active Mind Challenge:Would you like to improve your memory retention, mental comprehension, and perceptive skills? Then try the Your Active Mind game series! These assorted and highly addictive educational games will sharpen your mental prowess.
Sharp Minds - Your Active Mind Challenge
About this Rectangle Shelf Talker:Plastic 4" x 3.25" rectangle shelf talker made of 10 mil white matte plastic.Perfect for grabbing attention on any store shelf.Material :10 Mil white matte flexible plastic.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Rectangle Shelf Talker
About this Shelf Talker 5-1/4 x 7-1/4:Our bright Shelf Talkers will catch their attention.Constructed of overlaminated 0.010 rigid vinyl. Stock Background, call for.
Shelf Talker 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"
About this Medical Register - Paper Products:Medical register information card includes area for personal information, emergency contacts, allergies and conditions, medications taken (including strengths and daily dose) and doctor's name and phone number.Includes protective vinyl sleeve.Ideal for hospitals, lawyers, health care providers, pharmacy, hospice professionals, insurance companies, nurses and more.Material :8 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 250 for Four Color Process.
Medical Register- Paper Products
About this Planner Med - Tracker:Keep your important healthcare and insurance cards together along with other health information. 16-page full color with laminated cover for durability. Materials: Paper
Planner: Med-Tracker
About this Planner Womens Health:Everything you need to keep track of your important medical information, insurance ID cards and medication records. 16-page full color with laminated cover for durability.Materials: Paper
Planner: Women's Health
About this Scratch off Paper Wallet Card:Handy wallet cards will carry your message with a 1" scratch off dot for contests or giveaway. Message under dots can be varied, contact factory for more information. Great item for home, schools, business insurance agents, banks, realtors, offices and give away at trade shows. Material: 12 pt. high density white paper board.
Scratch off Paper Wallet Card
About this Re - Stick - It Decal (3.5x4) Rectangle Shape:Re-stick-its keep your brand and image visible, no matter what the surface!Great on glass, mirrors, monitors, wood, stainless steel & all types of smooth surfaces.Re-stick-its are printed on a 6-mil white vinyl with removable adhesive on backside.Surface can also be used with a dry erase pen for memo boards, charts, etc.Dry erase pens sold separately.Great substitute for a static cling!Rectangle Shape.
Re-Stick-It Decal (3.5"x4") Rectangle Shape
About this Hard Card - 2 x 3.25 w / oval cut out 2 x 3.25:Welcome guests with their own badge! The card can be personalized and is perfect for employees, club members, officers, directors, students, security personnel and one-day passes. Choose from three popular sizes!
Hard Card - 2" x 3.25" w/oval cut out — 2" x 3.25"
About this Hard Card - 3 x 4 w / round cut outs 3 x 4:Welcome guests with their own badge! The card can be personalized and is perfect for employees, club members, officers, directors, students, security personnel and one-day passes. Choose from three popular sizes!
Hard Card - 3" x 4" w/round cut outs — 3" x 4"
About this The Essential Giveaway Kit:The ultimate tradeshow giveaway kit. This kit comes with it all:Candy.Mint card.5 chocolate squares.Peppermint lip balm.Hand SanitizerMicrofiber cloth in a pouch.Special Instructions:UPS charges $45 per package for Air Services
The Essential Giveaway Kit
About this Pocket Slider - Ears, Eyes, Nose Throat:Three of the main human senses are available through the eyes, ears, and nose. Voice modulation and the route to your stomach are controlled by the throat. Use this pocket slider to keep all of these functions working at their best.
Pocket Slider - Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat
About this Pocket Slider - Positive Reinforcements - Child Upbringing In The Electronic Age:Teaching children in an age of instant information could be daunting. This pocket slider presents challenges and positive actions that parents can take to teach children to handle electronic media responsibly.
Pocket Slider - Positive Reinforcements - Child Upbringing In The Electronic Age
About this Sharp Minds - Crossword Challenge:The benefits of crossword puzzles has long been shown to improve reading, writing, thinking faculties, vocabulary, and quick decision making. Crossword Challenges are specifically designed to increase these skills rapidly.
Sharp Minds - Crossword Challenge
About this Sharp Minds - Sudoku Challenge:Thinking like a mathematician is easy with the Sudoku Challenge. You'll have loads of fun while building an insightful perspective of how numbers relate to each other.
Sharp Minds - Sudoku Challenge
About this Sharp Minds - Brain Teasers Challenge:Brain teasers are one of the best ways to teach ourselves to think differently. They sharpen problem-solving skills, resourcefulness, and foster a positive attitude toward challenges and obstacles.
Sharp Minds - Brain Teasers Challenge
About this Custom Shelf Talker:These Shelf Talkers are printed with full color process and laminated with rounded corners. Ideal for retail stores to attract customers to their product.WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Ethylbenzene & Styrene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit
Custom Shelf Talker
About this PaperSplash 6 X 4 Insert Card:Our 6" x 4" PaperSplash card insert is the size of a standard postcard. It makes a bold statement on 130 lb. gloss cover paper with full color digital printing and UV coating on one side. Use it at your next conference, trade show or folder insert. Made in the USA.
PaperSplash℠ 6" X 4" Insert Card
About this PaperSplash 8 1/2 X 11 Tri - Fold Brochure:Our 8 1/2" x 11" tri-fold brochure is the answer for your menu and sell sheet needs. Printed on 130 lb. gloss cover paper, it's durable and presentable. Double sided full color digital printing included, ships folded. Made in the USA.
PaperSplash℠ 8 1/2" X 11" Tri-Fold Brochure
About this PaperSplash 9 X 16 Tri - Fold Brochure:Our 9" x 16" tri-fold brochure is the answer for your menu and sell sheet needs. Printed on 130 lb. gloss cover paper, it's durable and presentable. Get the word out on your services, new menu offerings and sweet sale packages. Double sided full color digital printing included, ships folded. Made in the USA.
PaperSplash℠ 9" X 16" Tri-Fold Brochure
About this PaperSplash 3 5/8 x 8 1/2 Insert Card:Our 3 5/8" x 8 1/2" card is the perfect size to make a statement about your brand, new offerings or specials. Includes one sided full color digital print with UV coating on 130 lb. gloss cover paper. Use it to get your message across at your next conference, trade show or as a folder insert. Made in the USA.
PaperSplash℠ 3 5/8" x 8 1/2" Insert Card

Top Sellers

Shelf Talker 4" x 7-1/4"

Shelf Talker 4" x 7-1/4" “The card is durable and light-weight. This item has become an excellent value. Nice looking, well done and just what we needed.” - Jalen

“Amazing - Our customers definitely began to buy more. The cost was good, the color and quality were great! Buying this item again.” - Connor

“this is a great shelf item! I highly recommend AnyPromo whenever anyone I know needs promotional items. My personal favorite.” - Zoey

Thank you Jalen, Connor and Zoey for your positive reviews on our Shelf Talker. This promotional item is the most popular product in this category.

Promote other products on the shelf with this shelf talker! Let your shelf talkers do all the talking!

About the Shelf Talker 4” x 7-1/4”:

  • Our bright Shelf Talkers will catch their attention.
  • Constructed of overlaminated .010 rigid vinyl.
  • Second side imprint available for additional charge.
  • Stock Background, call for.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Shelf Talker 5-1/4" x 7-1/4"

    Shelf Talker 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" “Excellent product - Excellent cost !! Went over perfectly in our store. I have now provided this idea to many small business owners.” - Donovan

    “This is exactly what I wanted, great for the shelves. Glad we now have customers buying more.” - Stephanie

    Thank you Donovan and Stephanie for your reviews. We know our shelf talkers are our most popular products in this category so don’t miss out on this fun marketing tool.

    The Shelf Talker 5-1/4” x 7-1/4” will do the extra work of upselling products to your customers. Place these on your shelves for your customers to read!

    Features on the Shelf Talker 5-1/4” x 7-1/4”:

  • Our bright Shelf Talkers will catch their attention.
  • Constructed of over-laminated .010 rigid vinyl.
  • Second side imprint available for additional charge.
  • Stock Background, call for.

  • Order your Shelf Talker 5-1/4” x 7-1/4” here.

    2.5"x3.5" Laminate Cardstock Lanyard Card

    2.5"x3.5" Laminate Cardstock Lanyard Card “I could not love them more. They're perfect! Excellent imprint. Very pleased overall.” - Adam

    “We loved the great job & quality on our logo pins. Fast delivery.” - Brody

    Thank you Adam and Brody for your Kind reviews on our 2.5”x3.5” Laminate Cardstock Lanyard Card. We know many of these cards are used for passes at trade shows. Make these into the badges you want!

    Features on 2.5”x3.5” Laminate Cardstock Lanyard Card:

  • The perfect companion to any of our lanyards, this card is an ideal way to display credentials and event information.
  • An essential item for making convention badges, concert passes, and employee IDs.
  • Constructed out of rigid plastic material, it measures 2 1/2" x 3" in dimension with a 1/16" thickness.
  • Customize this lanyard card with any design you want with a full color imprint that yields photographic quality.

  • Order yours here.

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