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Promotional Digital Printed Door Hanger
Promotional digital-printed-door-hanger
as low as $0.41
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Door Knob Bag -9 1/2 x 14
as low as $0.47
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
Promotional 24 X 18 Corrugated Vinyl Sign
Promotional 24-x-18-corrugated-vinyl-sign
as low as $2.85
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Door Hanger - 3 1/2 X 8
as low as $0.29
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Double - Sided Yard Signs
Promotional double-sided-yard-signs
as low as $1.84
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Door Hanger - 3 1/2 X 5 1/2
as low as $0.19
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Door Knob Bag -5 x 15
Promotional door-knob-bag-5-x-15
as low as $0.07
Min. QTY: 1000
Promotional 2 Sided Rally Sign
Promotional rally-signs
as low as $1.48
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Wood Sign - 11 x 17
as low as $9.21
Min. QTY: 25
Made in USA
Promotional Door Knob Bag -7 x 12
Promotional door-knob-bag-7-x-12
as low as $0.08
Min. QTY: 1000
Promotional Door Knob Bag -10 x 15
as low as $0.09
Min. QTY: 1000
Promotional Mirror Hangers - Paper Products
Promotional mirror-hangers-paper-products
as low as $0.17
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Mirror Hanger Digitally Printed - Paper Products
Promotional mirror-hanger-digitally-printed-paper-products
as low as $1.02
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional 8.5 x 11 Laptop Skin - Paper Products
Promotional 85-x-11-laptop-skin-paper-products
as low as $0.78
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Diamond Plastic Window Signs
Promotional diamond-plastic-window-signs
as low as $0.47
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Business Card Size Skin - Paper Products
Promotional business-card-size-skin-paper-products
as low as $0.17
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Doorknob Hangers - Paper Products
Promotional doorknob-hangers-paper-products
as low as $0.25
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Circle Skin - Paper Products
Promotional circle-skin-paper-products
as low as $0.42
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional House Window Sign - Paper Products
Promotional house-window-sign-paper-products
as low as $0.31
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Derby Hat Window Sign - Paper Products
Promotional derby-hat-window-sign-paper-products
as low as $0.31
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Truck Window Sign - Paper Products
Promotional truck-window-sign-paper-products
as low as $0.31
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Corrugated Sign Wire Frames
Promotional corrugated-sign-wire-frames
as low as $0.87
Min. QTY: 2
Made in USA
Promotional On - Board Sign - 5 X 5
as low as $1.60
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Wood Sign - 11 x 13
as low as $8.41
Min. QTY: 25
Made in USA
Promotional Outdoor Sign 23 x 36
Promotional outdoor-sign-23-x-36
as low as $108.89
Min. QTY: 3
Made in USA
Promotional Outdoor Sign 23 x 95
Promotional outdoor-sign-23-x-95
as low as $280.00
Min. QTY: 3
Made in USA
Promotional Outdoor Sign 47 x 47
Promotional outdoor-sign-47-x-47
as low as $280.00
Min. QTY: 3
Made in USA
Promotional Outdoor Sign 47 x 72
Promotional outdoor-sign-47-x-72
as low as $388.90
Min. QTY: 3
Made in USA
Promotional Outdoor Sign 47 x 95
Promotional outdoor-sign-47-x-95
as low as $404.44
Min. QTY: 3
Made in USA
Promotional Wood Sign 9 x 30
Promotional wood-sign-9-x-30
as low as $22.15
Min. QTY: 25
Made in USA
Promotional Wood Sign - 4 x 13
Promotional wood-sign-4-x-13
as low as $7.44
Min. QTY: 25
Made in USA
Promotional Hang Tag - Fire Safety
as low as $0.81
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Hang Tag - Prostate Testicular Self - Exam
as low as $0.81
Min. QTY: 300
Promotional Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color
as low as $0.70
Min. QTY: 50
FREE Setup
Promotional Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color
as low as $0.69
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional PaperSplash Tri - Fold Door Hanger
as low as $1.35
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
About this Digital Printed Door Hanger:Side slit.Great advertising tool.Many applications.Special Instructions:3 Day Rush: 1 location imprint.
Digital Printed Door Hanger
About this Door Knob Bag -9 1/2 x 14:3.0 mil. clear plastic bags with a 1½" diameter hole that fits standard door knobs.Special Instructions:$62.50 per color. PMS color matching available on white bags only Related Products: Door Knob Bag-5 x 15 as low as $0.07 Door Knob Bag-10 x 15 as low as $0.09 Door Knob Bag-7 x 12 as low as $0.08 3.0 Mil Plastic Litter Bag as low as $0.37 
Door Knob Bag-9 1/2 x 14
About this 24 X 18 Corrugated Vinyl Sign:Corrugated vinyl yard sign.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label when shipped to California.  Label reads: ""WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to
24" X 18" Corrugated Vinyl Sign
About this Door Hanger - 3 1/2 X 8:White laminated material, 14 pt. Thick.
Door Hanger- 3 1/2" X 8"
About this Double - Sided Yard Signs:White poster board. Plastic coated on both sides for weather resistance. Side edges are glued to form a two-sided yard sign. Wire Frames are heavy-duty, high-tensil, spring steel wire. 18 point white poster board; 14 1/2" x 23", frame is 19" x 32". Double-Sided Weatherproof Coating Free Setup Made in the USA Double-Sided Double-Sided Lawn Signs allow pedestrians and vehicles passing by to see your printed message from both side of the street. Weatherproof Coating The plastic coating covering both sides of the lawn side protect the printed poster board from being damaged by the elements. Free Setup We'll cover the SilkScreen printing setup cost when you buy this yard sign from AnyPromo with 1-color printing. Made in the USA The Double Sldel Lawn Signs are proudly made and decorated domestically in the United States of America. 
Double-Sided Yard Signs
About this Door Hanger - 3 1/2 X 5 1/2:White laminated material, 14 pt. Thick.
Door Hanger- 3 1/2" X 5 1/2"
About this Door Knob Bag -5 x 15:1.0 mil. clear plastic bags with a 1½" diameter hole that fits standard door knobs. Unimprinted. Related Products: Door Knob Bag-10 x 15 as low as $0.09 Door Knob Bag-7 x 12 as low as $0.08 3.0 Mil Plastic Litter Bag as low as $0.37 Door Knob Bag-9 1/2 x 14 as low as $0.47 
Door Knob Bag-5 x 15
About this 2 Sided Rally Sign:Multiple Imprint & Material Options. Durable Enough for Outdoor Gatherings.Two Sided, One Color Through Full Color Available.
2 Sided Rally Sign
About this Wood Sign - 11 x 17:Display your mission statement or your customer commitment behind the counter or commemorate an anniversary with a custom shape wood sign! Let us add a nostalgic, weathered woodgrain graphic for no extra charge.
Wood Sign - 11" x 17"
About this Door Knob Bag -7 x 12:1.0 mil. clear plastic bags with a 1½" diameter hole that fits standard door knobs. Unimprinted. Related Products: Door Knob Bag-5 x 15 as low as $0.07 Door Knob Bag-10 x 15 as low as $0.09 3.0 Mil Plastic Litter Bag as low as $0.37 Door Knob Bag-9 1/2 x 14 as low as $0.47 
Door Knob Bag-7 x 12
About this Door Knob Bag -10 x 15:1.0 mil. clear plastic bags with a 1½" diameter hole that fits standard door knobs. Unimprinted. Hangs On Doorknobs Holds Promotions Great For Canvassing Great For Local Businesses Hangs On Doorknobs Promotional Door Knob Bags hang on doorknobs so you can take promotions door to door. Holds Promotions These Marketing Door Knob Bags hold promotions like sales flyers and promotional products inside. Great For Canvassing Door Knob Hanger Bags are perfect for political canvassing as well as marketing canvassing. Great For Local Businesses If you have a local business and want to spread the word, try sending out canvassers with these Plastic Door Knob Bags. Related Products: Door Knob Bag-5 x 15 as low as $0.07 Door Knob Bag-7 x 12 as low as $0.08 3.0 Mil Plastic Litter Bag as low as $0.37 Door Knob Bag-9 1/2 x 14 as low as $0.47 
Door Knob Bag-10 x 15
About this Mirror Hangers - Paper Products:Rear view mirror hang tags/parking permits make great repeat business opportunities.This product is made from 14 pt. high density white paper board and Liquid laminated for a high gloss finish.Perfect for schools, hospitals, property managers and local government.Material :14 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Mirror Hangers - Paper Products
About this Mirror Hanger Digitally Printed - Paper Products:Rear view mirror hanger.Made from 12 pt. high density, white poster.Film Laminted on both sides for extra durability.Material :12 pt. high density white paper board.
Mirror Hanger Digitally Printed - Paper Products
About this 8.5 x 11 Laptop Skin - Paper Products:8.5" x 11" Laptop Skin- Paper ProductsLaptop & cell phone skins can be placed nearly anywhere, removed and used again and again leaving NO sticky residue.Adheres to most clean dry surfaces.To use, simply peel from corner & adhere.Can be removed & used again up to 1 year on interior applications.Material :Adhesive plastic which leaves no sticky residue & adheres to most clean, dry surfaces such as cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, walls or windows.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
8.5" x 11" Laptop Skin- Paper Products
About this Diamond Plastic Window Signs:Place your logo prominently in any window with a 20 mil white matte flexible plastic window sign.Signs are mini billboards & perfect for branding a custom message.Great for sports, games, trade shows, fundraisers, churches, businesses, political & corporate events.Window signs can adhere with either suction cups (included but not attached) or double sided tape.CPSIA suction cup warning - not intended for children under 12.Material :20 Mil white matte flexible plastic.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Diamond Plastic Window Signs
About this Business Card Size Skin - Paper Products:Laptop & cell phone skins can be placed nearly anywhere, removed and used again and again leaving NO sticky residue.Adheres to most clean dry surfaces.To use, simply peel from corner & adhere.Can be removed & used again up to 1 year on interior applications.Material :Adhesive plastic which leaves no sticky residue & adheres to most clean, dry surfaces such as cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, walls or windows.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Business Card Size Skin- Paper Products
About this Doorknob Hangers - Paper Products:Door hanger, made from 14 pt. high density white poster.Liquid laminated for a high gloss finish.Material :14 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Doorknob Hangers - Paper Products
About this Circle Skin - Paper Products:Circle Skin- Paper ProductsLaptop & cell phone skins can be placed nearly anywhere, removed and used again and again leaving NO sticky residue.Adheres to most clean dry surfaces.To use, simply peel from corner & adhere.Can be removed & used again up to 1 year on interior applications.Material :Adhesive plastic which leaves no sticky residue & adheres to most clean, dry surfaces such as cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, walls or windows.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Circle Skin- Paper Products
About this House Window Sign - Paper Products:Place your logo prominently in any window with a 22 point paper board window sign.Sign is UV coated with high gloss finish on front & uncoated on back.Signs are mini billboards & perfect for branding a custom message.Great for sports, games, trade shows, fundraisers, churches, businesses, political & corporate events.Window signs can adhere with either suction cups (included but not attached) or double sided tape, please note preference on purchase order.CPSIA suction cup warning - not intended for children under 12.Material :22 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
House Window Sign- Paper Products
About this Derby Hat Window Sign - Paper Products:Place your logo prominently in any window with a 22 point paper board window sign.Sign is UV coated with high gloss finish on front & uncoated on back.Signs are mini billboards & perfect for branding a custom message.Great for sports, games, trade shows, fundraisers, churches, businesses, political & corporate events.Window signs can adhere with either suction cups (included but not attached) or double sided tape, please note preference on purchase order.CPSIA suction cup warning - not intended for children under 12.Material :22 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Derby Hat Window Sign- Paper Products
About this Truck Window Sign - Paper Products:Truck Window Sign- Paper ProductsPlace your logo prominently in any window with a 22 point paper board window sign.Sign is UV coated with high gloss finish on front & uncoated on back.Signs are mini billboards & perfect for branding a custom message.Great for sports, games, trade shows, fundraisers, churches, businesses, political & corporate events.Window signs can adhere with either suction cups (included but not attached) or double sided tape, please note preference on purchase order.CPSIA suction cup warning - not intended for children under 12.Material :22 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 1000 for Four Color Process.
Truck Window Sign- Paper Products
About this Corrugated Sign Wire Frames:Wire Sign Frames for Corrugated Signs - Economy. Steel Wire. Make sign display a snap with easy-to-use frames. Blank.
Corrugated Sign Wire Frames
About this On - Board Sign - 5 X 5:This on-board sign can keep your messages front and center!Broadcast your company message or brand clearly with this promotional sign.
On-Board Sign- 5" X 5"
About this Wood Sign - 11 x 13:Wood Sign - 11" x 13"Display your mission statement or your customer commitment behind the counter or commemorate an anniversary with a custom shape wood sign! Let us add a nostalgic, weathered woodgrain graphic for no extra charge.
Wood Sign - 11" x 13
About this Outdoor Sign 23 x 36:Outdoor Sign — 23" x 36"Our durable material is designed for the great outdoors. Full color and custom shapes bring your message to life no matter what mother nature brings!
Outdoor Sign — 23" x 36"
About this Outdoor Sign 23 x 95:Outdoor Sign — 23" x 95"Our durable material is designed for the great outdoors. Full color and custom shapes bring your message to life no matter what mother nature brings!
Outdoor Sign — 23" x 95"
About this Outdoor Sign 47 x 47:Outdoor Sign — 47" x 47"Our durable material is designed for the great outdoors. Full color and custom shapes bring your message to life no matter what mother nature brings!
Outdoor Sign — 47" x 47"
About this Outdoor Sign 47 x 72:Outdoor Sign — 47" x 72"Our durable material is designed for the great outdoors. Full color and custom shapes bring your message to life no matter what mother nature brings!
Outdoor Sign — 47" x 72"
About this Outdoor Sign 47 x 95:Outdoor Sign — 47" x 95"Our durable material is designed for the great outdoors. Full color and custom shapes bring your message to life no matter what mother nature brings!
Outdoor Sign — 47" x 95"
About this Wood Sign 9 x 30:Wood Sign — 9" x 30"Display your mission statement or your customer commitment behind the counter or commemorate an anniversary with a custom shape wood sign! Let us add a nostalgic, weathered woodgrain graphic for no extra charge.
Wood Sign — 9" x 30"
About this Wood Sign - 4 x 13:Display your mission statement or your customer commitment behind the counter or commemorate an anniversary with a custom shape wood sign!Let us add a nostalgic, weathered woodgrain graphic for no extra charge.
Wood Sign - 4" x 13"
About this Hang Tag - Fire Safety:This sturdy, helpful card hangs anywhere as a tool to help you prevent fires and prepare yourself with a plan in the event of a fire. Features perforated punch-out rounds for 12 months of the year to remind you to test your smoke alarms each month.
Hang Tag - Fire Safety
About this Hang Tag - Prostate Testicular Self - Exam:Early detection of cancer is the best defense to treating it. This shower hang describes how men can easily perform quick self-exams in the privacy of their homes.
Hang Tag - Prostate & Testicular Self-Exam
About this Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color:11" x 17" Rally SignHand Held Rally Signs - Full Color.10 pt. White Tag Stock.Capture the public's attention with Rally Signs. Ideal for school or political events.
Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color
About this Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color:Rally Sign - 14" x 20"Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color.10 pt. White Tag Stock.Capture the public's attention with Rally Signs. Ideal for school or political events.
Hand Held Rally Signs - Full Color
About this PaperSplash Tri - Fold Door Hanger:Our 130 lb. coated paper, 3 5/8" x 9 3/4" door hanger is a great way to get the word out about your business. Whether it's a menu, business information or anything else you want to hang on neighborhood doors, this will do the trick in style. It has a convenient door handle cut out with slot so you can easily slip over the handle without worrying about unsightly tears, and its double sided tri-fold design gives it unique flare that will have people begging to open it. Double sided full color digital printing with UV coating included, ships flat. Made in the USA. Tri-Fold Door Hanger , 130 lb. Gloss Cover Paper, Double Sided Full Color Digital Printing Included, UV Coating Included, Pre-Cut for Easy Hanging, 1 1/4" Diameter Hole Fits Most Door Handles, Pre-Scored for Easy Folding, Ships Flat.
PaperSplash℠ Tri-Fold Door Hanger

Top Sellers

Door Knob Bag-7 x 12

Door Knob Bag-7 x 12 “I have shown it to several different local business owners. We all use it in our local neighborhoods. Will be interested to see how fast it helps market our store Appreciate your excellent assistance.” - Jacob

“the service was great and we were never lost in the process. this was very popular with our hotel guests! the product arrived as expected.” - Jared

“Product was exactly as described. Good - the material was great. The products were as good as the company had claimed.” - Cassidy

Thank you Jacob, Jared and Cassidy for your reviews. We are glad to read your reviews on our promotional Door Knob Bag.

Place little promotional items or informational cards in the door knob bag for your customers to have.

About the Door Knob Bag-7 x 12:

  • 1.0 mil. clear plastic bags with a 1½" diameter hole that fits standard door knobs. Unimprinted.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Digital Printed Door Hanger

    Digital Printed Door Hanger “It provided a great handout at a very reasonable cost. Really like everything. Looks great and no worries about it. Thank you AnyPromo The color is very nice and the order process was so simple.” - Jesse

    “It looked professional and also the cost was great! Looks great! Very nice job cleaning up our logo.” - Ariana

    Thank you Jesse and Ariana for your kind reviews on our door hanger. Door hangers are very favorable in this category.

    Features on Digital Printed Door Hanger:

  • Side slit
  • Great advertising tool
  • Many applications

  • Order yours here.

    Promotional Signs & Door Hangers

    In our selection of signs and door hangers, you’ll be able to choose the perfect one to promote your company message.

    We have door knob bags, door hangers, wood signs, vinyl signs, rally signs, political signs, hang tags, and more!

    Sign and door hangers are great for promoting a certain message to your customers. Welcome your customers with door hangers, whether you work at a hotel or office. Add the perfect message to all doors.

    Promotional sign and door hangers are great to promote a message! Let your customers see what you have to offer with promotional sign and door hangers.

    Look through our selection of sign and door hangers. Shop here!

    Signs Make Great Promotional Items

    Dive into our vast selection of promotional items. Since trade show guests are typically bombarded with freebies, AnyPromo aims to set your brand apart through products that achieve long-lasting connections and visibility. Each of our budget-friendly promotional signs and door hangers are of high-quality and budget-friendly.

    Take a look at our inventory of custom door hangers and more!

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    All Types of Custom Signs

    Here are just a few of the event products that are currently available and ready for ordering through our helpful staff. Give us a call!

  • Digital Printed Door Hanger
  • Door Knob Bag-9 1/2 x 14
  • Hang Tag - Prostate & Testicular Self-Exam
  • Mirror Hangers
  • Business Card Size Skin
  • Tapered Square Window Sign
  • Mortar & Pestle Window Sign
  • Diamond Window Sign
  • Top Hat Window Sign
  • And many more

  • Get these hot event signs today!


    Promotional sign and door hangers are great for any event. Whether you're helping someone run for office, or you run a hotel and want your guests to have personal door hangers.

    Need door hangers to advertise in local neighborhoods? We have many door hangers to help advertise your business. Don’t slide away from marketing your company with this tool.

    Our featured list of sign and door hangers are currently trending in this category. You won’t want to miss out on any of these options!

    Our featured sign & door hangers:

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