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Facial Tissue:
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Promotional Credit Card Style Natural Insect Repellent
as low as $1.38
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Tek Tissue
as low as $0.51
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Pocket Size Tissue Pack
Promotional pocket-tissue-pack
as low as $0.48
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Portable Tissue Pack
Promotional portable-tissue-pack
as low as $0.48
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes
as low as $1.25
Min. QTY: 200
Promotional Bug Reellent Wipes
as low as $1.55
Min. QTY: 200
Promotional Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch
as low as $1.03
Min. QTY: 200
Promotional Reusable Tissue Cup
Promotional tissue-cup
as low as $2.08
Min. QTY: 200
Made in USA
Promotional Tissue Box Sleeve - Paper Products
Promotional tissue-box-sleeve-paper-products
as low as $0.54
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Custom Wet Wipes
as low as $1.03
Min. QTY: 250
About this Credit Card Style Natural Insect Repellent:All natural DEET Free insect repellent credit card style container. This product can be used in the toughest environments without risking headache, fatigue, muscle pain and other side effects common to deet based products. Our deet Free Insect Repellent formula is safe to use on children. Insect repellent provides you with the most effective chemical free way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no-see-ums. 0.66 oz/20 ml in translucent frosted credit card style container which includes a one color direct print or a full color process Decal for your customized retail look.Stock Background, CALL FOR DETAILS. Related Products: Natural Insect Repellent as low as $0.96 
Credit Card Style Natural Insect Repellent
About this Tek Tissue:This convenient wallet size tissue package includes 10 pieces of 3 ply tissue. An excellent give away for tradeshows, hotels spas, health fairs, hospitals, and much more!
Tek Tissue
About this Pocket Size Tissue Pack:Perfect for everyday sniffles, our pocket size tissue package includes 10, three ply tissues. Add your full-color logo and message to the pack and you have a practical giveaway. Ideal for gift shops, tradeshows, health fairs and much, much more.
Pocket Size Tissue Pack
About this Portable Tissue Pack:Perfect for everyday sniffles, our pocket size tissue package includes 10, three ply tissues. Add a full-color Decal to the pack for maximum exposure. Ideal for gift shops, tradeshows, health fairs and much, much more.
Portable Tissue Pack
About this Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes:Resealable pack of 10 antibacterial wet wipes are non-alcohol based and FDA approved. Finish / Material: PE Plastic. Ingredients: Water 94.50%, Propylene Glycol 2%, Kathon 1.50%, Benzalkonium Chloride 1.00%, Aloe Vera Oil 0.50%, Vitamin E 0.50%.
Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes
About this Antibacterial Pouch Wipes - Doctor and Nurse:Antibacterial disposable wipes in a re-sealable foil pouch . Gently scented, alcohol-free formula. Each pouch contains 15 wipes and meets FDA requirements!Special Instructions:Rush : 1. Catalog quantities only.2. Valid only for the standard number of imprint colors/positions included for each item.
Antibacterial Pouch Wipes - Doctor and Nurse
About this Bug Reellent Wipes:10 wipes per package.Pleasant citronella scent.Full Color Digital Label.Active ingredient: Citronella Oil (4.0%), Lemongrass Oil (4.0%), Peppermint Oil (2.0%)Once the repellant is applied, it last for 6 hours..Special Instructions:3 Day Rush: 1 location imprint.
Bug Reellent Wipes
About this Antibacterial Wet Wipes, Full Color Digital:Unscented. 15 wipes per container.Special Instructions:3 Day Rush: 1 location imprint.
Antibacterial Wet Wipes, Full Color Digital
About this Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch:Antibacterial disposable wipes in a resealable pouch. Gently scented, alcohol-free formula. Each pouch contains 15 wipes and meets FDA requirements.Special Instructions:Rush : 1. Catalog quantities only.2. Valid only for the standard number of imprint colors/positions included for each item.
Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch
About this Reusable Tissue Cup:Ever need a tissue to wipe away your tears of joy? Our tissue cup fits in most standard cup holders, making it a handy, on the go product. It includes printing your artwork on a full color process art insert, resealable lid, and 20 2-ply tissues. Made in the USA.
Reusable Tissue Cup
About this Tissue Box Sleeve - Paper Products:The custom standard size tissue box holder made of sturdy 20 pt. board stock, is a great way to put your logo right under their noses! Great for doctor's office, hospitals, medical offices, funeral homes, dentist office, churches, schools, business meetings and much more.Material :20 pt. high density white paper board.Special Instructions:This picture may reflects a four color imprint and additional fees need to be applied. Minimum 500 for Four Color Process.
Tissue Box Sleeve - Paper Products
About this Custom Wet Wipes:Contains 10 Wipes.Meets FDA Requirements.
Custom Wet Wipes

Top Sellers

Mini Tissue Pack

Mini Tissue Pack “Yes, they were just want we needed and I know the ladies will love them. Will be ordering more very soon for next event in September.” - Joanne

“These are adorable! Everyone loves them. Good visibility of the company information and everyone needs tissues! Can't beat it for the price!” - Karen

“Nice quality for the price and great printing for the front.” - Suzanne

Thank you Joanne, Karen and Suzanne for your reviews. We are glad to hear how well our promotional Mini Tissue Pack is going. They're our top selling personalized tissue packs in this category!

Don’t miss out on giving this promotional Mini Tissue Pack at your next event! Customers will be able to carrying this around in their pocket or purse.

About the Mini Tissue Pack:

  • Mini tissue pack in resealable PE plastic pouch.
  • Includes ten 3-ply tissues (approx. 7 7/8"x 8" each).
  • Not refillable.
  • Perfect size to carry in your pocket.
  • All labels are white.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Mini Tissue Packet

    Mini Tissue Packet “Was a great hit (in a strange but appreciated way) for the recipients at my late husband's Celebration of Life!” - Marsha

    “These are great and good quality.” - Katie

    Thank you Marsha and Katie! Our Promotional Mini Tissue Packets are popular with many customers, because the size makes the packet super convenient!

    Mini Tissue Packets are great to give at any wellness and safety event! Customers will love to have these at their disposal.

    Features on the Mini Tissue Packets:

  • Contains 10 Tissues.
  • Fits In Your Pocket Or Purse.

  • Order your Mini Tissue Packets here.

    Tissue Pack

    Tissue Pack “Great product all went well. Just the right size we were looking for. Excellent imprint, order done on time.” -Tyler

    “These are very convenient for everyone to use. The size and number of tissues are just right.” - Larry

    Thank you Tyler and Larry! We’re glad to read your positive reviews on our Tissue Pack. As you can see, in this category, tissues are a hot seller. You can’t go wrong with this Tissue Pack.

    Promotional Tissue Packs are great as a marketing tool. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Features on Tissue Pack:

  • Compact wallet size.
  • 10 tissues in each pack.
  • Stock FDA info printed inside.

  • Order yours here.

    Promotional Facial Tissue Packs

    With our selection of promotional facial tissues, the quality is so soft, you won’t want to remove these from your face!

    We have mini tissue packs, facial tissues, wet wipe canisters, wet wipe packets, moist towelettes, and more!

    Want to help your customers with their personal hygiene? Promotional facial tissue is the marketing tool you need. Give your customers the wipes or tissues that will give them a soft comfort.

    Promotional facial tissues are perfect for makeup trade shows, wellness events, and even to your own employees during flu season!

    Look through our selection of facial tissues. Shop here!

    Promote Awareness With Custom Tissue Packs

    Our durable custom facial tissue is specially priced and professionally packaged to promote your brand in the best light. Search our site for a great selection of tissue, sani wipes, and more! See for yourself just how high AnyPromo’s standards are when it comes to brand impact.

    Click through our inventory of promo facial tissue items on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    All Different Types of Promotional Facial Wipes

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of custom tissue products currently available. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • Anti Bacterial Wipe W/Case
  • Makeup Remover Wipes in Pouch
  • Can-of-Wipes
  • Bug Repellent Wipes
  • Travel Well Sanitizer Wipes Key Chain
  • Tissue Pack, Full Color Digital
  • And many more

  • Grab your promotional gifts today!


    Promotional facial tissue helps promote wellness and safety at any event that revolves personal hygiene. Your customers will love the thought when given promotional facial tissues.

    Facial tissue are absolutely perfect for makeup events! Customers are there to see the makeup, but at the end of the day, the makeup has to come off. Clean your face with facial wipes.

    Our featured list of facial wipes are currently trending in this category. Don’t miss out on our selection!

    Our featured facial wipes:

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