Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_2.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-blue.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-blue_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-clear.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-clear_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-dark-blue.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-dark-blue_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-green.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-green_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-orange.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-orange_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-pink.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-pink_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-purple.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-purple_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-red.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/723774_color-red_1.jpg/v2Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

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Item specs

About this Square Gel Beads Hot / Cold Pack:

  • Therapeutic Gel Pack Applies Heat Or Cold To Sore Muscles.
  • Microwave And Freezer Safe.
  • Reusable And Non-Toxic.
  • Instructions Printed On Reverse Side.
  • After freezing, stays cold for up to 3 hours. If dropped, the item will not shatter or break. After microwaving 30 seconds, the item will stay warm for 90 minutes. Condensation may potentially cause bubbling until cool. CAUTION: Product will be hot after microwaving. Product can only be in the freezer for up to 2 hours at a time.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
Item Specs
Aileen C.
May 14, 2018
These gel packs are amazing!! The instructions on the back are a major plus! They are easy to use for an injury, or even to pack your lunch!
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Diane C.
June 18, 2017
The item was great. The color was a lighter & pinker than pictured/expected (was closest to purple).
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Christina R.
June 16, 2017
I love these hot/ cold packs! They are the perfect size and the logo printed out nicely. Eva, our customer service rep was very helpful.
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