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Rapid COVID Test

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About this Rapid COVID Test:

Rapid Covid tests are a must for any work or school environment. They allow you to quickly and easily determine if your office has been exposed to covid-19, so that the proper precautions can be taken before more people become infected with coronavirus. The home tests included in this kit has undergone testing and are FDA approved for use. The rapid Covid-19 test is an easy and quick way to determine if you have been exposed. Each kit comes with two separate tests that can be administered via nasal swab.

The COVID test is a quick, easy and affordable way to find out if you have the COVID-19 respiratory syndrome. This covid test kit is typically available over the counter at pharmacies, so it doesn't require any special equipment or expertise to administer or test. The accuracy rate of these rapid tests are 84% when compared with PCR based ones, so they can be a helpful tool to see if someone has been infected with covid at a worksite, school, event or public gathering. You will get results within 15 minutes which allows you quickly inform the people who need to know should anything arise from this result.

The AnyPromo team strives to make sure every company, school and organization we serve has access to FDA approved covid-19 tests for themselves and for their stakeholders. Our tests are easy-to use so you can minimize waiting time between symptoms and checking to see if someone has contracted covid and needs to be quarantined. These tests are great for organizations that host events, schools, or concerts. They can be stored with a shelf life of up to 12 months and will provide you accurate results each time! If there's anything we could help out on the order process for these covid tests feel free contact our customer service team.

More Information About the Rapid Covid Test Kit

  • This Access Bio, CareStart™ OTC COVID-19 test card is the most studied and widely available rapid antigen test, now available as a Self Test, with no specialized laboratory equipment required.
  • Each box contains a set of two rapid tests that are administered via nasal swab.
  • Test results will appear within 10 minutes after the swab is administered, providing real time answers on whether someone is infected with COVID-19.
  • FDA approved.
  • Perfect for concerts, bars, restaurants, sport arenas, theater, schools, hotels, and more.
Covid Testing Kit with features highlighted Home Covid Testing Kit Rapid Covid Test Results Test for Corona Virus 19 FDA Approved COVID Test
Covid Testing Kit
Home Covid Testing Kit
Quickly test for covid-19 at home, at the office, or in a school setting. Our rapid covid test allows you to get fast results within minutes rather than days.
Covid Testing Kit
Rapid Covid Test Results
The rapid covid test allows you to quickly find out if you or someone within your organization, household, or school is infected with Covid-19. This makes it very convenient to test people if they have been exposed to someone who has covid.
Covid Testing Kit
Test for Corona Virus 19
Many testing centers and stores are in short supply of covid tests and it can be extremely difficult to schedule a covid test in a timely manner for when you need it. By offering covid tests to your team, academic instituion or stakeholders, you are showing to people that you care about their health.
Covid Testing Kit
FDA Approved COVID Test
Our covid tests at AnyPromo are 100% FDA approved for use in testing for the novel corona virus 19. The over the counter (OTC) corona virus test has been shown to be a helpful tool in the fight against the corona virus pandemic.

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