Promotional & Custom Rolling Trays

Custom Rolling Trays are a stylish and practical promotional item that provides a convenient space for rolling cigarettes or joints while showcasing your brand. With their compact and portable design, they are suitable for on-the-go use. Choose from a variety of options to represent your brand at cannabis-related events or lifestyle promotions. Promote your brand and provide a stylish and functional rolling experience with our custom Rolling Trays.

Rolling Trays:
4 items total
Rolling Trays (7.5)
as low as$8.19
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 300 pcs
11 Metal Rolling Tray
as low as$12.18
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 300 pcs
9 Rolling Tray
as low as$9.83
Min. Quantity: 300 pcs
Rolling Tray
as low as$2.14
Min. Quantity: 250 pcs
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