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Promotional Earplugs in Square Case
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Ear Plugs in Case

Ear Plugs in Case “Excellent site and products. Prompt production of product ordered and fast reply relative to approval. Liked the color it was very bright and nice. The size was we expected. I was as always very happy with the product purchased.” - Chase

“Great size and looked great. We are very pleased and happily surprised at how quickly they arrived. They are extremely great product.” - Derek

“Arrived on time and great customer service. No complaints from me. It was higher quality than I expected it to be for the price that I paid.” - Benjamin

Thank you chase, Derek and Benjamin for your reviews. We are glad you all are happy with our promotional Ear Plugs in Case.

This item is our top seller in our vision and hearing category. Don’t miss out on this popular item.

About the Ear Plugs in Case:

  • Ear plugs in snap travel case.
  • Material: Polypropylene Case with Polyurethane Foam Ear Plugs

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    Travel Ear Plugs in Case

    Travel Ear Plugs in Case “It looks fantastic. Better than I expected. The quality of the logo is wonderful. these were a huge hit! I was impressed with the quality. Thank you.” - Isabelle

    “Great quality - just what we needed. we were very happy and satisfied with the quality of the product. The quality appears to be very good.” - Jason

    Thank you Isabelle and Jason for your reviews. We are glad you both noticed the high quality in our promotional Travel Ear Plugs in Case.

    This product is perfect for traveling. Whether you want to tune out noise, or keep anything from going in your ears, our promotional Travel Ear Plugs in Case will do the job!

    Features on Travel Ear Plugs in Case:

  • Those ear plugs are great giveaways for personal use!
  • 33 dB earplugs in snap case.
  • Material: PP (Polypropylene) Plastic

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    Disposable Ear Plugs

    Disposable Ear Plugs Our Promotional Disposable Ear Plugs tune out noises perfectly! Give your ears the proper sound level with these ear plugs.

    Ear plugs are not only perfect for tuning out noise, but keeping water out of your ears. Avoid getting any water in your ears with our promotional Disposable Ear Plugs.

    Features on the Disposable Ear Plugs:

  • Clear case with orange ear plugs.

  • Order your Disposable Ear Plugs here.

    Promotional Vision & Hearing

    With our selection of promotional vision and hearing, you’ll find the perfect item to represent your company name.

    We have regular ear plugs, corded ear plugs, disposable ear plugs, ear plugs with key chains, hearing pro headbands, and more!

    Want to help your customers tune out loud noises? Promotional ear plugs are the best way to assist your customer. Ear plugs help lower noises at a concert to a safer decibel, or even cut out noise completely.

    Promotional vision and hearing are great for marketing airlines, concerts, hospitals, and many more events!

    Look through our selection of vision and hearing. Shop here!

    Promote Wellness & Safety Through Custom Vision & Hearing Gifts

    Our durable ear and eye products are specially priced and professionally imprinted to promote your brand in the best light. Search our site for a great selection of ear plugs, protective eyewear, and helmets! See for yourself just how high AnyPromo’s standards are when it comes to brand impact.

    Click through our inventory of promo vision and hearing items on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    All Different Types of Promotional Hearing & Vision Items

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of custom vision and hearing products currently available. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • Ear Plugs
  • Secure™ Passive Hearing Pro Headband 26dB
  • Miami Glasses with Clear Lens
  • Travel Ear Plugs in Case
  • Corded Ear Plug Kit
  • Foam Ear Plug Set In Case
  • Flange Classic Ear Plug Set
  • And many more

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    Promotional vision and hearing help promote wellness and safety at any event that revolves around vision or hearing. Let your customers know you care with our promotional vision and hearing.

    Give promotional vision and hearing products at your next event! Keep your customer’s vision and hearing protected with our selection.

    Our featured list of vision and hearing are currently trending in this category. Don’t miss out on our selection!

    Our featured vision and hearing:

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