It's Easy!
If your order is incorrect for ANY reason (misprint, wrong artwork, wrong item, etc.), just send the entire order back within 100 days and get a full refund! We will even pay for shipping!
Have leftover pieces from your event? Send them back to get AnyPromo Bucks (internal credit)!
Our 4 goals:
We want to make sure you are happy with your giveaway. Whether it's the item or the decoration - we want to make sure you are completely satisfied.
Quick resolution:
If there is something wrong with the order, we want to fix things ASAP. No back and forth, no-nonsense.
We want to make things easy for you. We know that hosting an event or giveaway is stressful enough. We are here to help!
Worry Free:
Dealing with a 3rd party doesn’t have to be difficult. Partner with AnyPromo and we will make things as easy as possible.
We know your event is important, trust
How long do I have to return my order to get a full refund?
Customer must return the full, un-used order to AnyPromo within 100 days of receipt.
Example: If you received your order on July 1st, you have until October 8th to return the order to our headquarters in Ontario, California.
What if I have used part of my order and am not able to completely return it?
If the order is not complete, damaged or used, the customer will receive internal credit (AnyPromo Bucks), for the pieces returned (including any setup/run charges).
Do all orders qualify for 100 day returns?
All orders which are incorrect and under $1000 qualify for 100 day returns. If your order is over $1000, we will do our best to come to a quick resolution which is fair for both parties.
Instead of getting a refund, what if I want my order re-done instead?
This is a different resolution process, but in most cases we would be happy to re-do your order! Please contact us in a timely manner so we can try to meet your event date.
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