3 Reasons Why You Need To Know Who Your Customers Are

Who’s customer #789563 or JohnDoe@hotmail.com?

Okay, maybe you can take a guess at his first name, John, and his last name, Doe.

But is that all you want to know about YOUR customer?

I hope not!

Make your customers feel special when you know more about them!

Here’s a perfect example of a place that makes me feel special.

I go every now-and-then to this Japanese restaurant, it’s called Western Maki. The owner and server, Kelly, makes the customer feel very special. ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve been going to this place ever since I was in elementary, and she always remembers my family & me!

Every time I come in, she greets me by my name, and she always knows my exact order. She asks about my brother and if I need extra ginger for my mom (because she knows my mom loves ginger).

Her customer service is beyond any customer service I’ve ever received! She doesn’t have my information stored anywhere else but in her mind, and I’m truly fond of her memory skills.

I can’t even remember a person’s name when I barely get introduced to someone. It takes me a while for me to remember.

Most of the comments on Western Maki’s Yelp mentions her customer service, because she is just amazing.

Little things like knowing your customer can improve customer retention for your business and build an awesome reputation.

As a customer, wouldn’t you go back to a place that remembers who you are and what you like?

Of course!

I’ll be telling you three reasons why you should know who your customers are, and how you can get to know them! This guide is great for B2B and B2C businesses!



When you’re able to separate your customers into specific categories or groups, it can help your marketing tactics.

There are many ways segmentation can benefit you. If you want to target your high valued customers versus your frequent buyers, you can!

It’s crucial to market your customers through segmentation.

There’s no reason why a real estate company should be receiving any marketing collateral for education. Those are two different industries!

For a B2C customer, you can distinguish your marketing collateral by segmenting male versus female. If you own a retail store for men, you may want to target your customers with specific content. If your customer is a female, who is she shopping for? If your customer is a male, show him items he may be interested in.

You can’t be mixing up your customers, and through segmentation, you can identify who is who and target your customers correctly.

This makes your marketing easier, while also helping you know who your customer is.

What categories are they falling under?

So, John Doe shops for only ties at your retail store, good to know. Maybe you can show him some new ties and introduce other stuff he may be interested in. Broaden his horizon.

John Doe works in finance? Great! Now we can incorporate his jargon and terminology in all our marketing collateral, so he knows we know him!


This again doesn’t just mean the customer’s first or last name.

It can include their purchase history, their time zone, their favorite color, their AOV, their purchase frequency, etc., etc.

Any relevant information you can get and share on the customer falls under personalization.

Giving your customers a sense of identity is important, especially when you’re communicating with them by phone or in person.

Like my example above, Kelly knows my order and she knows about my family. Knowing that information gives a better experience as a customer.

What’s more attractive to the modern consumer? A personalized message or an average message directed to everyone?

If you focus on someone’s individual needs then most likely you’ll see an increase in your customer retention rate and revenue.

Personalization can also mean how your website is setup. Is it only designed for desktop? What if most of your traffic is coming in through mobile?

Make your website experience easy and friendly with a responsive design. Watch your conversions increase by personalizing your website based on device.

A few ideas on what information you may want to gather to use personalization in your marketing and everyday tactics.

  • First/Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Time Zone
  • Location-Specific
  • Account Anniversary
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Average Order Value
  • Purchase History
  • Shopping Cart
  • Wish List
  • Customer Interests
  • Website Design – Mobile vs Desktop
  • Engagement time on the website
  • Recommended Products
  • Membership
  • Customer Account/Profile Picture

Know this information can allow you to target your customers through personalized content!

Customer Relationship

Ask questions!

When you’re in a romantic relationship, you get to know them as much as possible, right?

Building a customer relationship is practically the same!

One of AnyPromo’s Account Manager’s, John Pierazek, is great at getting to know his customers on the phone.

Since we’re able to see the customer’s imprint, he’s able to analyze what the customer is ordering for.

He told me about a customer he got close to in September because her imprint included a white ribbon with the phrase “I know I’m already a survivor”. He asked her about the imprint because he wanted to make sure her custom item would arrive perfectly. She opened up to him about her brother who was dealing with lung cancer.

John didn’t forget. He followed up with her on the phone when she called us again in December. She was surprised and happy to hear that he remembered.

One of our customer care team reps, LaTrina Davis, is favored by many customers! Each customer is assigned a representative, but customers who have the privilege to talk to LaTrina Davis prefer to call her.

She has a specific customer, Matthew C., who calls in and asks for her all the time! The customer care team knows when he calls, it’s for LaTrina, and she doesn’t mind at all.

They ask for her because she gives excellent customer service and she creates a relationship with the customer by getting to know them over the phone. I can definitely compare her a lot to Kelly. She builds a bond that brings customers back.

If you have a way to get to know more about your customers, use it as an advantage to make them feel special. Create a conversation with them to get to know them!

This can work with any sales team. Train them to ask more questions when they are on the floor with customers, or on the phone with customers.


Now there are many ways you can get to know your customers.

If you’re an eCommerce business like us, you can ask through forms, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and more!

We’re lucky to have wonderful people on our customer care and customer service teams. They know how to ask the right questions to get to know our customers.

Think about related questions your team can ask while on the phone or with a customer in person. What do you need to know that will help build a relationship with that customer?

In person, the only way to build your relationships is by communicating and giving excellent customer service.

How did Kelly find out about my family? Did you know my family and I never visited the restaurant together? She asked us all who we were, and connected the dots.

So use the resources you have to build a relationship with your customers. Here are a few things AnyPromo has to get to know our customers: artwork, event information, and industry data. What can you use to learn more about your customers?

Maybe we can all learn a little or two from Kelly, John and LaTrina. It’s awesome people like them that know how to build relationships.

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