Increase Employee Engagement with this year’s Super Bowl!

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Hut, hut, hike!

The nation’s most popular sporting event is almost here, and I’m pretty stoked.

I don’t even watch football as much, but I’ll be jumping on the Super Bowl bandwagon with all the anticipated hype.

I mean, I wouldn’t blame anyone else interested in joining the bandwagon. Everyone’s going to be part of the Super Bowl craze.

The last thing I want to feel on that Monday following the Super Bowl is “FOMO”.

FOMO = Fear OF Missing Out

Yes, very millennial of me, but I’m pretty sure many of you will agree with me on this.

If there’s a conversation about the Super Bowl commercials, I want in!

Including your employees to be part of the conversation will help increase employee engagement, while also creating a fun and positive work environment.

Here at AnyPromo, we’ll be celebrating this big event with a few games and contests.

We keep our employees on their toes with all the activities planned throughout the year.

Activities, games, contests, etc., contributes to the overall company morale, employee retention, and employee development.

So if you’re looking for a few Super Bowl game ideas, I’ll be sharing five you can do with your employees!

5 Super Bowl games for the office:


This game is the most common bracket system played in most offices.

You can make many different variations, but the most common one is the 10×10 pool.

We’ve created a document for you to print out if you’d like your office to participate in this game.

Just click on the image below.

OR click HERE to view, download and print.

The way it works?

You have 100 squares to work with. This means 100 squares can be purchased for $1 which means a grand prize of $100, or if each square costs $2 then the grand prize will be $200.

All the gray squares should be numbered in any order you prefer from 0-9.

Assign team one to the rows and team two to the columns.

Once all the squares are bought and finalized print a copy for each person who is participating.

Winner or winners can be determined by each quarter or final score. Most offices go by quarter so there are four winners.

The way you determine the winner/s is the score at the end of each quarter or game. The last digit in each team’s points will decide the winner.

So, if the score at the end of the first quarter is 7-14 then whoever purchased the square 7-4 (row 7, column 4) wins that quarter.

If you go based on the overall score with only one winner, then at the end of the game if the score is 45-23, whoever purchased the square 5-3 (row 5, column 3) wins it all.

It’s a fun game your employees can follow along while watching the game to see who’s winning!


Open a voting system for the office.

Place a label with team one’s name on a fishbowl and team two’s name on the other fishbowl.

Have your employees purchase a ticket to place their name in the team’s fishbowl they’re rooting to win.

Purchasing a ticket will help avoid duplicates since the original ticket will be with the organizer and the copy of the ticket will be with the employee.

The winning team and bowl win lunch on the company!

Guess the Score


Have each of your employees take a random guess at the total number of points for both teams combined.

So if I select 32 points, my coworker selects 18 and the final score is 9-17 then the total number of points is 26.

Since 32 is closer to 26 than 18, then my number wins.

You may have more than one winner for this game, and it’s an easy game to play in the office!

Ban the Word

Many of the times, companies want employees to stay focused and avoid any conversation about the Super Bowl.

This game will keep employees quiet with any terms that revolve around football.

Start the game a week before the Super Bowl and end the game a few days after the Super Bowl.

Have your employees wear awesome custom lanyards around their necks for the following days.

Set the rules on which words should not be said in the next few days, and let them know the competition is only during work hours.

If an employee says a word that is banned, then another employee can take their lanyard.

The employee with the most lanyards, in the end, wins a prize!

Many employees will understand that this game is to help keep them focused!

Super Bowl Cookoff


This one is easy and fun for the Friday before the big game!

Have your employees bring a dish to be judged by the rest of the other employees!

At the same time this competition is going on, all those participating can join in on a potluck.

Reward the person with the best dish either with a cash prize or gift card.

There are many small games you can play with your employees, and many of these don’t take much time.

Hype them up for the game of the year, whether with games or allowing them to wear their jerseys!

Make this year’s Super Bowl a fun event for your office employees!

Let us know in the comments below how your office is increasing employee engagement for this year’s Super Bowl!

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