5 Ideas to Show Appreciation During Nurses Week

Nurses week is almost here! Which means the perfect opportunity to celebrate the healthcare professionals in your life. Although you probably already show support, here are some ideas to go above and beyond to show appreciation to the nurses around you.

Even though the possibilities are endless, we’ve come up with 5 ideas that you can express gratitude and appreciation for nurses this week.

Say Thanks

This might be obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in one’s life and forget to stop and say thanks. This is such an easy way to show appreciation but is often overlooked. Take the time to stop let the nurses in your life that you are thankful for them and all that they do. They probably will love to be recognized!

Give them a break

Another great way to help out is to give your friends a break! Nurses generally work long hours and are on their feet all day. If time and opportunity permits, help them out! Take them to a spa day, babysit their kids, cook them a meal, etc. There is no end to the little breaks you can give them. Any help is still help, and is a great way to show appreciation. You can plan something in advance, or just surprise them; just make sure to let them know you care.

Bring treats

No one can turn down a sweet treat! If you are able to stop off at their job, bring them a little something. You can bake cookies, bring donuts, or even healthy snacks as well. The act of taking the time to do something for them is what really matters. Stop by their job, or drop them off at their house, either way, we’re sure they’ll be grateful for the kind act.

Send a Letter

When is the last time you received handwritten card or letter? Chances are it might have been a while. We live in an era where technology is the primary form of communication, so when we receive something handwritten, it carries some weight to it! It means you took the time out of your day to think of them and write them something. You might be surprised how many people love receiving letters and keep them.

Bring Coffee

Really want someone to know you care about them? Bring them coffee! (Or tea/beverage of choice) That sweet sweet sip of caffeine might just be what they need. For those early mornings, or even late night shifts, nothing tastes better than a nice drink. So tell the nurse in your life that you appreciate them with the universal love language of coffee.

No matter how you choose to celebrate nurses week, taking the time to recognize them and show gratitude can make a huge difference. So take a page out of our book, or create your own and show the nurses in your life that you care! ♥

How are you planning to show appreciation this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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