5 Promotional Products That Have To Be Earned

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Not every promotional product ends up being used as a free giveaway. Sometimes, promotional products must be earned!

1. Voting Stickers

Voting Stickers
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What’s the number one thing that gets Americans to the polls at the last minute? Those oval “I voted” stickers you see everyone walking around with after work.

You might even see one by the end of the workday – because a co-worker went to go vote at lunch (and is showing off their new lapel sticker).

2. Blood Donor Button Pins

Blood Donation Pin
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You can get a variety of promotional gifts from donating blood, like a stress reliever or a coffee mug. Sometimes, they even have a juice box for you afterward, but the classic blood donor bounty is a round button pin.

Those voting stickers only last a day, but blood donor button pins last a really long time. You can wear it around and ride the accomplishment forever.

3. Alcoholics Anonymous Chips

6 Month Recovery Chips
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Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step recovery groups often reward recovering addicts with a custom poker chip or keychain to commemorate their progress. Participants are rewarded with a commemorative chip as a token for their 1st day sober, 30th day sober, and so-on.

Anyone can vote or donate blood, but not everyone can give up drinking alcohol for a year. If you’re tired of a co-worker showing off his blood donor button pin all day, bust out your 90-day recovery chip.

4. Blazin’ Wing Challenge T-Shirts

Buffalo Wild Wings
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Think you can handle spicy wings? Buffalo Wild Wings offers the Blazin’ Wing Challenge at its locations nationwide to anyone willing to sign a waiver. If you can finish a dozen wings with the chain’s signature 300,000+ Scoville Blazin’ Sauce, in six minutes or less, you get a promotional t-shirt.

Quitting alcohol is admirable, but nothing shows resolve like subjecting oneself to some of the hottest chicken wings known to man. Especially when the challenge stipulates participants can’t have napkins, dipping sauce, or anything to drink at all.

5. Jerry Springer Beads

The Jerry Springer Show
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For anyone familiar with The Jerry Springer Show, one of the most memorable catchphrases is, “I want my beads, Jerry!”. That’s because audience members on the daytime talk show can participate in an ancient Mardi Gras tradition to earn promotional Jerry Springer beads.

At the end of the day, you can vote, donate blood, quit drinking, or even eat extremely hot wings almost anywhere in the country. But, there is only one Jerry Springer show, and it’s taped in front of a live studio audience in Stamford, Connecticut.

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