Employee Appreciation Equals Retention: Tips to up Morale

Written by a promo expert as a part of our guest blog series

Employees are working hard for you during these challenging times. Whether it’s on the front lines or from the home office, they’re taking on more, and getting creative to keep your business moving. Going the extra mile though is starting to take its toll. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, since the current health crisis hit the U.S., 41% of U.S. employees feel burnt out from work. It’s important to show employees appreciation and recognition all the time, but now it’s even more important than ever to boost morale and retain employees. With a little creativity in presentation, promotional products can be a great tool to connect and have employees know you see them going above and beyond. Here are some tips for a stellar program.

Inject Some Humor

There’s a lot of negativity in the headlines and employees are about to scream if they hear “these unprecedented times” from advertising campaigns one more time. We could all use a little laughter, so inject some humor into your gift. Even if your company culture leans towards conservative, it’s ok to let your hair down and show some personality – particularly when welcoming employees back to the workplace. A welcome back to work pack with a mask, lip balm, candy, gloves, and hand sanitizer becomes the talk of the socially-distanced water cooler with a personalized insert full of puns like “you’re the balm,” on lip balm, a face mask with “let’s face it you’re awesome,” disposable gloves with “hands down you’re the best employee around,” etc. If there’s a way to work inside company terms or HR slogans into the puns even better!

Little Surprises = Big Feels

Appreciation and recognition don’t necessarily mean a grand statement. Sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten employees’ day. Leave a little something on their desks for their return to work, or a day that has significance to your business. Consider your employees’ typical day and select something that’s helpful in the current climate like a breathable double-knit face masks or an antimicrobial pen.

The Virtual Needs Snail Mail

While you might not be interacting face to face, don’t forget to show remote employees they’re part of a connected team. Getting something in the mail is always fun, so a work from home kit with a personalized mug, granola bar, and coffee packet is a welcome sight. Consider adding a fun saying like “I work in my Pajamas,” “I Skype to Work” or “The Commute from my Bed was Brutal.” Up the appreciation and presentation factor with an acetate box.

Retaining key employees during this rocky business terrain is important to success. That’s why a fun and playful employee recognition program full of goodies is critical at the moment. Those smiles can lead to years of dedicated service in the future.

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