Making Smart Choices: Eco-Friendly and Affordable Products

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One positive aspect of the pandemic is that our planet has had a chance to breathe. Let’s learn from this moment of “pause” by making smart financial choices that support both our businesses and our earth. Eco-friendly products are one of the best ways to promote your brand while supporting products that use fewer resources and make your recipients feel great about what they received. Who doesn’t love to feel like a hero? It’s a win-win for the livelihood of our businesses and our planet.

There is no doubt younger people are concerned about our planet. They should be, they need to preserve it for themselves and future generations. Is your audience geared toward people 23 or younger? This age group takes a big interest in companies that provide them with swag. This age group also puts their money behind the companies that support their values. By promoting your brand with eco-friendly products, you’ll earn the respect of younger generations. Which will help you achieve your goals to increase your customer base. Here are some fun ideas on environmentally conscious choices with promotional products.

Dye Sublimation Products Made from 100% Recycled Soda Bottles:

People love to express their personalities by how they dress and shoelaces can be a small part of that. Why not choose dye sublimation recycled shoelaces that can capture fun, colorful designs while using 100% RPET recycled material from soda bottles? Recycled shoelaces allow people to show school spirit both in and outside of the classroom, no matter what the plan is for this fall. This same material can also be used for lanyards. Have you ever been to an event and received an unimpressive lanyard that you immediately threw away afterward? What if that lanyard was made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles? That lanyard is more of a keepsake when you know it’s lived multiple lifetimes. Plus our double-ended lanyards can also be used as a mask holder both in and outside of the workplace.

Eco-Friendly Products for the home:

Our felt products are USA Made from material that is not only recycled, it’s also upcycled! You have to love a material that is remade from scraps! That’s a double whammy on making use of current resources. There is an assortment of recycled felt products to choose from. We offer full-color journals that help your clients/customers remember special moments or write down their future goals.

How about a sunglass case to hold your new 3D blue light blocker glasses? And how many of us have picked up a good book during this time of internal contemplation instead of reading on a screen? The use of bookmarks has had a resurgence since real books have been getting a lot of love lately.

Let’s face it since we’ve been spending time at home, we aren’t buying as many drinks with disposable straws. That’s a win! But I don’t know about you, I miss my straw. I love to utilize the stainless steel straw that makes me feel like my drink is a real treat and I get a great laugh out of the messaging on the bag itself.

The point is you can make wise financial choices when it comes to promotional products that still support and grow your brand but also help reduce resources and promote the longevity of our planet. You’ll feel good about your purchases while earning respect from your clients and customers!

Feel free to shop our wide selection of eco-friendly products on our site for many more ideas. Also, check out our other guest blog on Employee Appreciation Equals Retention: Tips to up Morale.

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