How To Improve Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football has made its way into the mainstream in America and continues to grow every year. With over 60 million people playing fantasy football, it is important to make your league stand above the rest! We came up with some creative ways to make your league shine. Check out these creative ideas we came up with to improve your fantasy football league.

Throw a draft party

Who doesn’t love a party? It’s a new season which means it is time to draft a new team. Instead of drafting your team all alone at home, invite the rest of the league over and throw a party. You can really take your league to the next level by hosting a sweet draft party. Don’t be afraid to hold back either, you can go all out with custom supplies, draft boards, and tons of food to feed the whole gang.

Make league merch

The only thing people love more than playing fantasy football is talking about fantasy football. Creating league merchandise that shows off your fantasy football league name is a unique and fun way to livin’ up your league. Shirts, hats, koozies, bottle openers, and coaster are just a few of the endless possibilities that you could order for your league.

Write a weekly newsletter

Now that your league has kicked off with an awesome party and has sweet league merch now what? To help keep your league a top tier fantasy league create a weekly newsletter. You want all the teams engaged in your league so a weekly newsletter can help keep them interested and entertained. The newsletter can talk about wins/loses, trades, injuries, and all other league news. Get creative with your newsletter, make it fun, try new things, keep your teams engaged.

Have a trophy

Competition is the key to success! Most people are playing fantasy football because they enjoy football and competition. To keep your league competitive we recommend creating a custom league trophy. It doesn’t hurt to also have a cash prize for the winner to really sweeten the pot!

Punish the loser

It’s not always about the winner! Not only does offering a prize help motivate people but threating them with a punishment also helps. Keeping your league competitive really helps bring it to the next level. By creating a fun (and safe) punishment for the last-place team in the league, your league can become one to remember. There are countless punishments like an embarrassing t-shirt, a loser’s trophy, or any other embarrassing task that would really raise the stakes.

Now get out there and start your league! We think these tips will help you create the best league you can. Hopefully, you can try out at least a few of these tips in the new football season. Good Luck!

What makes your fantasy football league special? Let us know in the comments!

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