Memorial Day Sale: 7 Promo Items for a Standout Summer

People waiving American flags on Memorial day
People waiving American flags

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Our Memorial Day Sale covers every item we carry, so you can jumpstart the summer with memorable promotional products you can share with your prospective and repeat customers to remind them of you all season. We did our research and found seven essential summertime promotional products you can use to market your business or simply to create a memorable moment with friends and family while enjoying the summer.

Branded & Patriotic American Sunglasses

Custom Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

The Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses are a hot giveaway especially for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day events, or festivals. Giving your guests and prospective customers custom sunglasses with your logo or brand is the perfect way to make a great impression this summer, and possibly all year round. Every time they reach for that convenient pair of shades you gave them, they will be thinking of you, your business, or the special event they attended. If you are having a family or friends gathering, then custom patriotic American sunglasses are a perfect swag giveaway. They will be using it all summer and especially during 4th of July for Independence Day.

Patriotic Tote Bag With Your Logo

People love tote bags, especially free stylish tote bags. Your event or festival attendees will be excited to get a custom patriotic tote bag that they can use all summer and into the year. They can carry all their favorite summer fun items and see your brand on a regular basis. Tote bags are perfect for keeping your company, cause, or brand visible to your audience and their community. Our Patriotic Tote Bag is the perfect item for Memorial Day or Independence Day promotional giveaways.

Promotional Beach Balls

Patriotic promotional beach balls are perfect for making an impression with a crowd of people or a family. Your brand name and logo will appear on the white part of this awesome red, white, and blue beach ball. It’s a great way to make a strong fun statement for your prospective customers or audience. It’s perfect for festivals and live events, especially during the summer.

Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Custom folding chairs are one of America’s favorite kinds of promotional products. They make a great premium giveaway or prize for your customers or event attendees. They will be excited to get one of these custom branded folding chairs because they are seen as being a high-value item. Folding chairs are also versatile promotional products that your customers can take anywhere and share your brand with others. These items get a lot of use and will showcase your brand many times over. Regardless of how they choose to spend the summer, Memorial Day, or 4th of July, be it camping or at the beach, they will love the branded folding chairs. It’s a great way to associate yourself with having good times and positive experiences.

KOOZIE Easy-Storage Picnic Backpack

Giving your event guests or customers a branded KOOZIE Easy-Storage Backpack goes a long way in making an impression. This is a quality item the person will love to receive. Whether you are giving this to show appreciation to your employees, as a sign-on incentive for customers, or for an event give-away, it’s perfect for making people feel they received a special item for the summer. They will be taking it out to the beach, camping, or to the park and show the world your brand.

Frisbees & Flyers

Custom frisbee

It’s almost summer and people will be outside looking for ways to have fun with their friends and family, which is why custom frisbees are perfect for making a lasting impression. Frisbees and flyers are both great ways to get your brand name out to people while they are having a good time and building memories with each other.

Custom Beach Blanket with Pillow

Custom blankets are a powerful way to get your business, cause, or name out to your audience that provides strong long-term brand awareness. Beach blankets with pillows make it convenient and enjoyable for your customers to experience all that the outdoors and nature have to offer. The positive experiences people have with your branded blankets will help to build a great brand impression. That’s what promotional product marketing is all about, creating memorable moments where the people and customers you care about notice your message and associate a positive impression.

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In honor of Memorial Day and those who have served our country, we want to help anyone we can to make memorable moments for their clients and community. So we are offering savings across our entire inventory.  Simply use the promotional code MEMORIAL15Z when checking out.

Let us know what you think of these great promotional products, and how you might plan to use them at your next event or innovative marketing campaign.

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