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You can get instant savings of 17% off all orders, max of $75, simply by using promo code PROMODAYS17Z when you are checking out on AnyPromo.com. You can apply it to any promo product we offer, and if you are a platinum member you also get FREE SHIPPING. It’s definitely worth it to get the platinum membership, since it’s only $25 a year, but will save you up to $50 in shipping for each order.

The savings is site-wide, regardless of item type or quantity. This is the perfect time to jumpstart your marketing or branding since the savings cover all kinds of custom promotional products. Promo Days last from June 21st to June 22nd so make sure you get the most out of our annual promo sale.

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Make the Most of Promo Days by Getting Summer Ready

Now’s the perfect time to set up and stock up on your summertime giveaway items. As society and communities start opening and people begin to enjoy their summers, it gives you the opportunity to make it especially memorable and meaningful. Whether you are hosting an event, meeting with clients, or simply want to show appreciation to your group, summer-themed promotional products will get the job done.

Here are our top summertime custom promotional products you can gift out to the people who matter most.

Custom Event Cooler

Promotional Landmark Event Cooler

Summer events can get a branding boost with the right high-value promotional product. An event cooler is very versatile and will likely be used many times by the people you are giving them away to at your event or next marketing campaign. It will get your audience thinking of your brand all summer long when they reach for a refreshing drink while at the beach, camping, or out with family.

Branded Wine Opener

Promotional Durable Corkscrew

Wow, people will be using the custom wine opener you give them for years and possibly decades to come! It’s a great way of keeping a steady reminder of your brand, company, event, or service. It’s also perfect for the summer as people go outdoors to more parties and settings where they just want to relax and enjoy their time with friends or family.

The Ever-Popular Mason Jar

Custom mason jar

People love relaxing in the summer with a nice cool refreshing drink, be it lemonade, iced tea, or fruit-infused water. Custom branded Mason Jars are perfect giveaways because they offer a useful way for people to see your brand and help make you stand out with a summer feel.

Custom Beach Balls

custom branded beach ball

Branded beach balls are great for the summer and bring fun into the conversation. It will definitely get your brand seen when people are out enjoying their time with others. It’s the best summertime giveaway.

Branded Sunglasses

Multi Color Custom Two Tone Matte Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple for any great experiential marketing campaign or if you want to build a relationship with your event guests and potential customers. They let your audience know your brand is for them, and they will see your logo every time they reach for a pair of shades.

Elevate Your Brand with Promotional Items

Save instantly with promo code PROMODAYS17Z

Getting ahead of your competition starts with an innovative marketing campaign, and promotional products add that personal touch to your brand that people can see and feel. Whether you want to get summer products or stock up for your favorite marketing items, we encourage you to save even more with Platinum Membership. You will save on both rush orders and shipping for every order for the entire year.

We hope this Promo Day shopping article has been helpful in deciding what product would work best for you this summer and wish you the best!

*Please note, our Promo Days promotional product codes cannot be paired with any other promo code.

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