Recognizing Small Businesses During Small Business Week

Small Business Week is around the corner!

Growing up in a small town in California, I saw many businesses develop in popularity!

“In California?” Surprisingly, yes, there are many small towns located in California!

The town of Clovis, one of the cities I grew up in, remains to be a small town but no longer overseen by Google Maps.

I always remembered this town clearly because of all the small businesses in the downtown area.

You’ll find coffee shops, antique shops, clothing stores, family-owned restaurants, bars, and more!

I recently visited the city again and saw many of the same small businesses I loved when I was younger.

One of my favorite locations was a pizza restaurant called Michaelangelo’s Pizzeria (YUM!).

I loved it as a kid!!!

Visiting the location again brought back memories. It was really nice to reminisce the good times.

That sentimental value is something important small businesses bring to the table.

They give us personal relationships that big businesses can’t really offer.

It’s just one of my favorite reasons to recognize small businesses.

I’ve also created a comic explaining why we should recognize small businesses on National Small Business Week, featuring yours truly.


Small Business Trends

Are you celebrating Small Business Week? Share with us your story!

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