What’s the RIGHT way to WRITE?

We grow up learning to do or say things a certain way.

For instance, some of life’s great debates include the correct way to hang toilet paper, cutting sandwiches diagonally or horizontally, and the pronunciation of “gif”.

But here’s another fun life debate: What is the correct way to hold a pen?

At least, that’s a topic that came about in the AnyPromo office, so I decided to investigate a few different ways people hold their pens.

I’m sure there’s no correct way, but it’s pretty interesting to see how we all learned to write different ways.

Here are 6 different ways people hold their pen

Subject A

This person uses their index finger to support their pen.

I tried doing this right now and it feels really different.

As you can see, the pressure is only applied to the thumb so it can guide the pen in the proper direction.

Subject A is only using two fingers to write!

This was the first time I saw someone writing without leaning the pen on their middle or ring finger.

Subject B

This subject uses their thumb and index finger to hold the pen while leaning the pen on their middle finger for support.

When holding a pen this way, it allows for a better control since the grip is closer to the tip of the pen.

This version of holding a pen, of course, causes writer’s bump on the middle finger (very common).

Unlike Subject A, who probably has writer’s bump on their index finger (not common), Subject B seems to have one of the more common writing styles.

Subject C

My goal was to include at least one lefty in this test, not only to symbolize how rare they can be but how different they also write.

This style made me go “Ouch!”

As you can see it is closely related to Subject B, except, the index finger is bending in a way that makes me cringe a bit.

You can see the knuckle bend in an angle to make the distal phalanx lay right on top of the pen.

How does Subject C even bend her knuckle in that angle? That’s the real question!

Their thumb also wraps around the pen more than Subject B.

If you’re a lefty, please share with us how you write!

Subject D

This is where we get into the good stuff.

This subject uses four fingers to write.

The thumb, index, and middle finger are all used to grip the pen while the ring finger is used for support.

Now the fact that the index finger and middle finger are both on top of the pen gives more support to the writer.

Subject E

This subject also uses four fingers to write.

As it shows, the thumb is wrapping around the index finger and connecting with the middle finger instead of gripping the tip of the pen like Subject D.

I notice this is another common way people write but is it the “correct” way?

Subject F

This is me!

I write similar to Subject D, except I don’t leave a traingular space in between my thumb and index finger. My hand actually tightens my pen.

I also have my pen at a backwards angle and have writer’s bump on my ring finger versus the middle or index finger.

This made me realize how different I actually do write, but hey, to each their own, am I right?

As long as it gets the job done.

So what’s the actual correct way to hold a pen/pencil?

According to wikiHow, the image above shows the correct way to hold a pencil.

I don’t think there’s a difference in a pen or pencil, because I’m sure we stick to our same style of writing.

So who holds a pen correctly from all our subjects?

Subject B!

Apparently, we’re taught to lay our index finger on top of the pencil while working with the thumb to grip the pen/pencil.

The middle finger is used for support and is essential for writing correctly.


Now I’m not saying everyone else is writing wrong, because I would definitely be included in that pool.

If anything, we’re unique for being taught differently.


Although, something interesting I also learned while typing this post is that there are many pens which can provide discomfort causing a person to write differently.

Most people like pens with a comfort-grip for better comfort, but even a pen with an ergonomic dart-shaped barrel can help.


Everyone should be able to hold their pen or pencil naturally, whether it’s the correct way or not. The comfort is what matters!

I want to help share a few pens that will help everyone write with ease.


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