Custom Caps: Do you really need it? This will help you decide!

anypromo custom caps

Did you know custom caps can be really impactful for your company?

With 41% of U.S. consumers owning promotional caps/headwear,  it’s the perfect item to market your company in ANY industry.

Here’s the thing though, you have to design a pretty rad cap.

I mean, no one wants to wear a cap that’s plain and boring!

Think of longevity!

It’ll have a longer lifetime and create more impressions among consumers if you have awesome artwork on your custom cap.

According to ASI Central, 42% of U.S. consumers who keep promotional hats do so because they are attractive.

Easy peasy! Right?

But for the customer, caps can be very beneficial in many ways.


I’m glad you asked (or didn’t), but I’m going to share with you why people need custom caps in their wardrobe!

anypromo summer days

Sunny Days

This one’s the most common reason why people wear caps: to block their face from the sun.

Caps are great for those hot and sunny days where the sun is shining immensely.

We know how hot it can get during the summertime, so protecting your face from harsh UV rays is important!

UV rays can cause skin and eye problems, but with caps, you can prevent your risk of sun exposure.

We have many custom caps available to protect your customer’s face from the sun.

Lazy Hair Days

This works for a majority of people…like me!

Are you planning to go out, but is your hair not cooperating? Wear a cap!

Wearing a cap can definitely make a difference for both females and male.

Whether you’re going to the gym or going to grab lunch with a friend, caps will keep your hair in place.

No one will know the mess underneath your cap! It’s like a perfect secret only your cap will know about – A perfect bond.

I have many of lazy days, and I’m not embarrassed to be part of the 90%. (I can’t be alone, right?)

anypromo baseball cap

Game Days

Baseball players, tennis players and volleyball players are just a few of the athletes that are allowed to wear caps during matches.

Athletes need to see comfortably during their match to play at their 100% level, or else they won’t perform their best.

In baseball, tennis, and volleyball, athletes use their arms to perform. If they had one arm up to block the sun from their eyes, can you imagine how different their performance level would be?

I never thought of it that way, but maybe that’s why soccer players aren’t allowed to wear hats. They use their feet to play.

Anyways, fans should also be able to represent their favorite teams with a cap that includes their favorite team (or company)!

We have many curved bill custom caps available on our website for you to start customizing!

Fashion Days

A cap can look great with certain outfits now these days.

Apparently, the way you wear a cap can be noticed as a fashion statement.

I wear my caps sometimes to complete my outfit (even if my hair is done).

If you plan on creating a custom cap, think about the benefit of a good design.

Good designs create more impressions, therefore, increasing your brand’s awareness.

Need help with artwork? Our team can help you design the perfect cap!

Contact for tips, help, or guidance.

winter cap

Cold Days

Lastly, since it’s summer I wanted to leave this one towards the end.

I get really hot just thinking about the words “stay warm”, but caps do help keep your head warm.

Think about the cold days where you live (it’s probably hard to imagine since it’s hot outside), do you keep yourself warm anyway possible?

Caps can help if you don’t own any beanies.

Check out our custom caps and beanies to keep your options open for both winter and summer!


Custom caps are great for any giveaway or event! Share with us! What do you use caps for?

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