Christmas Promotional Product Shopping Guide

Get in the Christmas spirit with lots of festive goodies for your employees and customers. Whether you’re looking for warm winter clothes, hot drinks, or even decorations, has everything on your Christmas promotional items list. And we’ve also got some creative ideas that will inspire you to spread holiday joy, (and your brand awareness).

Christmas Cheer

One great way to keep spirits up as the days get colder and shorter is to give out a Christmas themed goodie bag. With some creative promotional products, you can make a positive impression for your brand and build long-term relationships. Here are some of our picks for the perfect Christmas gift set:

Satin Finished Round Shatterproof Ornaments

What better gift for Christmas than an ornament? These shatterproof promotional Christmas ornaments come in a variety of bright colors with custom printing, and they can be a great way to thank your customers at this festive time of year.

Mini Felt Christmas Stocking

These mini stockings can be a great element in a holiday gift bag, or as a party favor. They come in multiple colors with customized printing for your brand name or a holiday message, and are a great budget-friendly gift option.

Santa Claus Ball - Stress Relievers

Stress balls are always great gifts for fairs and events, and this one is just too cute to pass up. They can come with or without customized printing, and can be great as party favors too. If it feels more appropriate to your brand, you can also get stress balls in all types of custom shapes.

Holiday Candy Cane Pen

This can be a great gift that’s useful, but also adds a bit of holiday fun to anyone’s day. These pens are easy to give out at work, send with customers’ packages, or put in holiday goodie bags for a bit of fun. They’re also a great budget-friendly gift that can come with or without custom printing.

Candy Cane Singles

A sweet treat is always a good idea for Christmas festivities. These candy canes come individually wrapped with printed packaging, so you can give your company some exposure while rewarding customers with a seasonal treat.

Warm in the Winter

Anyone in a colder climate will understand the urge to get cozy when those icy breezes start to blow. With some warm and cozy freebies, you can use the beginning of winter as an opportunity for fun gifts. Winter warmth gifts are also a great choice as Christmas promotional products because they’re likely to be more useful, leading customers and employees to subtly share your logo as they go about their day.

Instant Hot Chocolate

Nothing is better for staying warm during the winter season than a steaming mug of hot chocolate. These instant hot chocolate packets are a great gift you can give to customers that they will enjoy especially during this season. If you are looking for a full hot chocolate experience, we also have hot chocolate bombs, and a variety of hot chocolate sets.

2-Tone Acrylic Rib Knit Pom Pom Beanie

This warm and cozy hat can make a great gift that’s both seasonal and practical. A branded hat can be a great way to get your company’s name in front of new people, and to show your employees and customers some appreciation with a gift they’ll use for years to come.

Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves in Pouch

Touchscreen-friendly gloves are another great warm gift, especially if you’re a tech company looking to give your customers or employees a witer-themed gift. The pouch gives you the perfect opportunity to print your brand name, and you can even give these gloves in a set with a hat, or other warm accessories.

3 Pc “Stay Warm” Travel Tote Set

If you’re looking for a more deluxe holiday gift, this warm set is a great idea. The set includes a 1-liter travel vacuum bottle with a lid/cup, as well as a fleece blanket, in a tote bag. It’s certainly a gift that people will get good use out of, and can be a great idea for educational institutions, transportation companies, and outdoor industries.

Fuzzy Socks

If you’re looking for a unique warm gift idea, a pair of promotional fuzzy socks can be a great way to give your customers a fun gift that they will both use and remember. The socks come in a variety of colors with custom logo printing.

Holiday Kitchen Fun

The holiday season is prime time for cooking. Whether it’s Christmas cookies or family dinners, it may very well be your kitchen’s busiest time of year. So what better gift than some fun cooking supplies? You can keep it Christmas themed with cookie cutters, or gift other things your customers are likely to use, like aprons or kitchen utensils. These wholesome kitchen items make great promotional products for Christmas festivities.

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

This is a great creative Christmas gift that can show off your brand’s logo or a holiday message. This Christmas tree cookie cutter will be great for your customers’ festive baking needs, or for a party favor at a Christmas party.

Cotton Cooking Apron

A cotton cooking apron is another helpful gift that customers can use while they do their festive baking, or prepare any other holiday meals. The apron comes with trim in a variety of different colors, and screen printing for your brand’s logo on the front.

Bamboo Kitchen Combo (Cutting Board, Spoon, Spatula)

This eco-friendly kitchen set can be a great gift for Christmas, especially for cooking schools, or other companies in the food industry. This set includes basic kitchen tools that your customers will be sure to use, all in a gift bag to make the perfect festive present.

Quilted Cotton Canvas Pot Holder

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly kitchen item, a pot holder with your brand name and logo on it can be a great gift that your customers will use all year round. Pot holders come in a variety of colors with a convenient loop for hanging.

Make it a Custom Christmas Gift Set

A set of smaller things can make the perfect thoughtful holiday gift. Consider putting any of the items in the categories we’ve mentioned together for a cute set, taking a look at some of the pre-assembled sets below, or even coming up with your own that’s customized to your brand, industry, and company culture.

Winter Warmth Hot Chocolate and Candle Kit

If you’re looking to go beyond the instant hot chocolate pack, this kit is a great way to embody winter warmth and holiday cheer in an elegant gift set. The set comes with a 12oz mug, a hot chocolate pack, and a 6oz scented candle, with an option to print on the box, the mug, and the candle tin.

S’mores Single Serve Stuffer with Full Color Mug

S’mores are a fun and easy treat that can be a great holiday gift. This set comes with an 11oz full color holiday print mug, a gift card, and the graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate to make some delicious hot s’mores.

Holiday Adult Paint Set and Wine Tumbler

If you’re looking to have a holiday celebration while still working at home, this gift can be the basis for a fun holiday activity that you can do without coming back to the office. This set can also be great for in-person parties, giving an activity for people to paint and sip together, and a branded cup to take home afterwards.

Holiday Cookie Cutter Set

This is a great set for any food industry organizations, residential organizations, or anyone who wants to spread some holiday cheer. Cookie cutters are a fun useful gift that will also help to get your customers in the holiday spirit, and can be great to use at a Christmas party, or for a take-home gift.together, and a branded cup to take home afterwards.

Goodies for Your Christmas Party

Your annual Christmas party is not only a great opportunity to use some branded pieces like plates or napkins, but can be the perfect place to give out any fun promotional items. We’ve put together a special selection of pieces guaranteed to add Christmas spirit to any event.

Santa Hat

Custom Santa hats are a great way to add a bit of fun to your holiday party—it’s impossible to be too serious wearing one of these! Hats come preprinted with “HO!HO!HO!” on one side, and come with the option to print your company’s name, or a holiday message on the other side.

White 3-ply Beverage Napkins, Coin edge Embossed

Beverage napkins are a must-have for every party, so why not have some with your company name, or a personalized message? These napkins are also eco-friendly products made with materials that help protect the planet.

House-Shape Paper Products

If you have any Christmas cookies or other food activities at your Christmas party, this gingerbread house take-home box can be a great way to let your guests take the leftovers along with a little extra Christmas cheer. The boxes also come with a space to print a message on one side.

Budget Mug - 11oz (colors)

These mugs can be great for any occasion, including as take-home party favors for your Christmas party. You can serve hot chocolate or other hot drinks in them, give away candy or hot chocolate kits, or just give a mug for everyone to enjoy.

Antlers - Paper Products

Paper products like these festive reindeer antlers can be a great way to lighten your Christmas party mood, even while on a budget. These are a great fun and creative promotional item that is good for parties, take home party sets, and party favors.

Make it a Custom Christmas Gift Set

A set of smaller things can make the perfect thoughtful holiday gift. Consider putting any of the items in the categories we’ve mentioned together for a cute set, taking a look at some of the pre-assembled sets below, or even coming up with your own that’s customized to your brand, industry, and company culture.

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