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Combining Digital Marketing with Promotional Product Marketing

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As more and more businesses and interactions have gone online in the past year and a half, digital marketing has become more important than ever. Businesses of all kinds now connect with their customers through search engines, emails, and social media.

The last year has also shown, however, that the digital world is in no danger of replacing the real one. As people crave real-life experiences and in-person interactions, it’s a good idea to consider what traditional marketing has to offer. With a combination of digital and promotional product marketing, you can reach out to your customers on multiple levels, building deeper and long term connections.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Campaigns

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Digital marketing is sometimes portrayed as a replacement for traditional strategies, but there’s no universal rule saying you can only use one marketing strategy at a time. In fact, using multiple marketing strategies to complement each other can magnify their overall impact.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to remember that the online world isn’t everything. People don’t spend all their time online, so using more traditional methods like promotional products can help you reach a wider audience. In addition, traditional marketing strategies such as promotional products can lead users online, or vice versa.

Using multiple marketing strategies can help to increase the interactions that potential clients have with your business, thus building stronger connections. You can get the attention of potential customers through online or social media ads, and retain it with special offers or discounts. As users see your promotional product and encounter it again and again, they will start to feel like they are discovering your brand by themselves, and get used to it as a natural part of their lives.

At the end of the day, there’s no one easy solution to marketing—the most successful strategies will depend on your business and the specific products or services you’re selling. Incorporating multiple types of marketing strategies into your promotional campaign can allow you to not only reach a wider audience, but also to engage with your community in a wider variety of ways, helping them to feel more involved, and thus more invested in your company or organization. What are some examples of digital marketing?

Using Search Ads and SEO to Drive High-Intent Traffic To Your Website

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The most common internet marketing strategies today are paid advertising and search engine optimization. There are many kinds of paid advertising outside of social media ads, from product ads, to search ads, display advertising, and a number of other possibilities. They all serve a purpose and can be complimentary to your organic rankings in search results, driving potential customers to your business, and potentially following up with them.

Search ads will generally appear on the results page when somebody searches a keyword related to your product, generally at the top of a search on Google or another search engine. This can be an incredibly effective form of marketing because it drives high-intent traffic to your website: people who will find your business when they are searching for the exact product or service you provide.

The other main ways to get your business listed at the top of potential clients’ internet searches is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can drive traffic to your site organically, and is generally done through a variety of strategies, such as optimizing a website for ease of use, using keywords in website text, and providing updated content such as blog posts that cater to common searches.

SEO and paid search ads both have their advantages, but neither one is a marketing strategy by itself. 49% of users say they use Google to discover new products, showing that search engine marketing is essential, but it won’t cover all of your potential leads. In order to create the most effective marketing strategy, it is often best to combine both approaches according to your resources and goals, and to get creative in combining these with other marketing strategies, both on and offline. Search engine advertising will most often make potential clients aware of your business, but in order to develop strong customer relationships it’s important to build on that awareness by building clients familiarity and trust in your brand.

Generating Interest & Building Brand Awareness with Social Media Ads

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In order to build clients’ trust in your brand, it’s important to make sure that they see it often in their online and offline lives. In addition to putting your business at the top of people’s searches, you can also make sure that it pops up on their social media feeds as well, reminding them to check out your website and learn more about what your business has to offer.

With over 2.5 billion people using Facebook alone on a daily basis, social media ads can be great for generating interest and bringing new people into your market who could benefit from your product or service. While you certainly can target your advertising to people who are already currently in the market for your product, these people are not actively looking for your product at the time they see your advertising – since they are on social media rather than typing a search query into their browser or search engine to find your product or service type.

Once potential clients see your social media ads, it’s important that the profile they click on is one that will engage them further and get them interested. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand your market or a restaurant trying to recover from the pandemic, a strong social presence can create a sense of community around your brand that will keep customers coming back and grab the interest of new audiences.

When building your social media presence and designing social ads, consider ways in which you can creatively incorporate other types of marketing. For instance, taking photos with branded products in them can be a great way to create an appealing picture, while also putting your brand front and center.

Get More Customers By Giving them A Reward

Once you get the attention of potential customers, how do you keep it? Internet users know that there are always a wide variety of options open to them, so they may click off your page if they don’t see something that grabs their attention right away.

One great way to keep prospective customers engaged is to offer them a reward for signing up with your company or organization. After just signing up, a reward will make customers feel like they are already connected to, and already making the most of your product or service.

In a society that operates with a mindset of scarcity, the opportunity to get free stuff always seems like a great opportunity, which begins setting the expectation that your company will provide more benefits and opportunities to customers in the future.

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Rewards can come in a variety of different forms, such as free products that give an idea of what your company has to offer, exciting discounts, or informational materials that will tell your customers more and help them to get engaged with your company and products.

A creative reward can cause greater interest, encouraging customers to spread information about your company through word of mouth, which can be an especially effective form of marketing, building on the trust that people often have in the experiences of people that they know

In addition to giving potential customers and incentive to sign up, rewards can give returning customers an incentive to stick with your brand. Giving rewards to customers who are loyal, or those who have referred your company will show appreciation for their efforts, and make them feel like an important and valued member of your community.

Complimenting Digital Marketing Campaigns with Promotional Products

One great way to give customers a reward, or get them interested in your business, is through promotional products. A 2017 survey found that 79% of customers who received a promotional product researched the business, and 82% had a more favorable impression of the brand. Products like pencils or cups can help to keep your brand name in front of past and potential customers, reminding them of your products and services outside of the digital world.

Seeing your business name on an everyday item can help to reinforce the interest that a social media ad sparked for a potential customer, or lead them to find more information on your website, building a stronger connection in both the physical and digital world.

Promotional products can help move your customer or prospect further along the sales funnel to get them to take the action you want them to take, especially if it’s a product or service that requires ample consideration or a strong relationship to close the deal.

In order to use promotional products as effectively as possible, it’s important to think about items that will draw customers to your business. If you’re an educational organization, potential customers will likely use items like pens or rulers when thinking about your services, while products like bandages or first aid kits might be more appropriate for a healthcare company. You can even give customers a choice of multiple different promotional items, giving them a more personalized experience that will build their connection to your brand.

Making A Compelling Offer Gets You the Goal

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When using any marketing strategy, it’s important to keep your ultimate goal in mind: making an offer that will convince clients to buy your products or services. What are you offering your prospective clients? Craft an offer to meet their needs on a personal and logical level in a no-brainer offer way.

A perfect offer can meet clients’ needs at a particular time, such as office supplies or back to school season, or gift ideas for the holidays. It can also prompt customers to meet needs that they may not have even thought of before, helping them to understand new ways in which they can become involved, and buy your products and services.

Making a Lasting Impression

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make a lasting impression on customers. both online and in the real world. With a number of different marketing strategies that reach new customers, meet their needs, and engage them in long-term relationships, you’ll be sure to make your brand name one of the first they think of when they need your service.

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