Everything You Need to Know About Custom Rubik's Cubes for Promotional Marketing

People playing with Rubik's Cubes

Custom Rubik’s cubes can be useful tools for raising brand awareness in several industries. A Rubik's cube is a unique and popular item which can help brands connect with customers and build a positive brand image.

As promotional products, custom Rubik’s cubes can be used as tokens of appreciation for students, customers, and employees. Recipients are likely to use promotional Rubik’s cubes over a long period of time and even share them with friends and family.

Unique promotional products like Rubik’s cubes can help brands engage new potential customers since exciting products and giveaways are often a reliable way to draw a customer’s attention and encourage them to learn more about the brand.

We are about to embark on a journey to explore the Rubik’s Cube origin, how you can customize them with your brand or logo, how they are made, common and frequently asked questions about Rubik’s Cubes, and how to effectively use promotional Rubik’s cubes for marketing.

What Is a Custom Rubik's Cube?

Custom Rubik cube with logo

The Rubik's cube is a popular puzzle toy from the '80s that has retained its popularity and become a favorite among kids and adults alike. Standard Rubik's cubes come in six colors: yellow, blue, red, green, orange, and white. The puzzle generally comes solved, with each side in a solid color block. The player then mixes up the different cubes, with the challenge being to shift them all so that they are back in their original arrangement.

Rubik's cubes generally come in a 9x9 formation, meaning that each face of the larger cube contains nine smaller cubes.

In 1974, Hungarian professor Ernõ Rubik invented the first Rubik's cube as a tool to help his students understand three-dimensional problems. The toy gained popularity when people noticed it at toy fairs. Eventually, it even caught the attention of a toy specialist who sold it to the Ideal Toy Company.

Throughout the 1980s, the Rubik's cube took the world by storm. At the time, it was notorious for being unsolvable. People loved the challenge. A 12-year-old-boy even sold an extremely successful book on how to do it!

Nowadays, the Rubik's cube has become the base of a massive global franchise. It is almost universally recognized, with numerous references in movies, art, buildings, and other facets of popular culture. Rubik's has come out with many more innovative puzzles and games since their original product, but the classic Rubik's cube remains a fan favorite.

A custom Rubik's cube is simply a version of this iconic toy with customizable sides. Instead of solid colors, one or more sides can feature a brand name and a custom design.

AnyPromo's 9-Panel Full Stock Custom Rubik's Cube

One of our best-selling products at AnyPromo is our custom 9 by 9 Rubik's cube. It is tried and tested, voted in the Top 100 items by our customers with their marketing and buying decisions.

This personalized Rubik's cube is printed with a 4-color process and imprinted with your logo and customized design. It's also eco-friendly, made with 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic.

When ordering a personalized Rubik's cube, customers can first order a sample to see the design. We also provide a dedicated customer support specialist and a design team to assist each buyer with creating the design.

Original Rubix Cube

Custom designs for the Rubik’s Cube can include a single logo on individual squares or a complete design across one entire side of the Rubik's cube. This product is an authentic patented Rubik's cube, which guarantees top quality.

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Rubik’s Cube Variations on AnyPromo.com

Mini Rubik's Cube with graphic

You can find many variations of the official Rubik’s Cube on AnyPromo to select the one that best fits with your marketing campaign goal and your audience. You can find Rubik’s Cube keychains, mini 4-pannel Rubik’s Cubes, fidget spinners based on the Rubik’s Cube design, and even a squeezy stress reliever Rubik’s Cube to help people relax. All of these cubes can be customized with a graphic or logo imprint design. See all of these variations here on AnyPromo.com.

How are Rubik’s Cubes made?

A standard Rubik’s cube is made up of twenty-six individual cubes. Six are fixed, twelve-move on the edges, and eight move on the corners. Each individual cube is one of the six colors on the larger cube.

The process for making a Rubik's cube is relatively simple. In order to construct a Rubik’s cube, the individual cubes are made from plastics poured into two-piece molds. These cubes are generally colored black.

After production, the individual cubes are inspected to ensure that none are damaged. They are then put together, starting with the center cubes. The cubes are then built from the bottom up, with the last piece being one of the six center cubes.

Cubes are labeled with their colors in the final stages of production. The labels are made to ensure that all nine squares on each face are aligned. The cubes are then put into their final packaging for distribution.

Common Questions About the Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube on table

Does Rubik’s Cube increase IQ?

One of the reasons Rubik’s cubes are so popular is because of their learning benefits. Rubik’s cube is a common solution used to help raise kids’ IQ levels. The cube provides a challenge at each step, helping to train people’s brains to think logically, solve problems, and tackle new challenges.

What is the trick to solve Rubik’s cube?

The trick to solving a Rubik’s cube is understanding the logic of the cube, and how you can use that to determine each move. One part of this is understanding that not all pieces on the cube are the same. The cube is made up of centerpieces, edge pieces, and corner pieces, which all move differently. In addition, it’s helpful to think about the cube, not in terms of solving each face, but in terms of solving layers. These tricks will help you to better understand the steps to solving a cube.

Why was Rubik’s cube invented?

The Rubik’s cube was invented by professor Erno Rubik as a tool to help his students learn problem-solving. It has since become one of the most popular tools in the world to help kids and adults alike challenge themselves and learn problem-solving skills.

How long does it take an average person to solve Rubik’s cube?

The length of time it takes to solve a cube will vary greatly based on skill and practice. The world record for a standard cube is 3.47 seconds, but beginners can take an hour or more to solve it, even with a step-by-step guide. For an experienced cuber, it may take somewhere in the middle, around 20 or 25 minutes.

How do you know if a Rubik’s cube is original?

It is surprisingly difficult to identify a fake Rubik’s cube. There are many companies that make cubes, and many look very similar. The best way to tell is to look for the Rubik’s brand logo or buy from a company that sells Rubik’s brand cubes.

What industries can use custom Rubik's cubes?

Personalized Rubix cubes can be used as promotional items for many industries, including schools, student clubs, and nonprofits.

When using custom Rubik's cubes for marketing, consider your target audience. Rubik's cubes are great for most ages, such as older kids, teens, and adults. In addition, the puzzle of a Rubik's cube incorporates both fun and smarts, so it can be helpful for any brand or event looking to embody those qualities.

When deciding the right promotional products, it’s important to consider factors like target audience, brand image, and distribution methods. Successful promotional products often solve a problem (a Rubik's cube, for example, solves the problem of boredom).

A promotional product also offers the opportunity to embody a brand image. Successful products will display a company’s logo and branding in a visually appealing way and representative way. For example, Rubik's cubes are great marketing items for educational institutions because they are fun educational tools used to enhance students' problem-solving abilities.

Finally, a promotional product should be appropriate to the method of distribution. Will you be sending your promotional items in packages? Giving them out at events? Consider products that will be immediately useful once received and engaging for a long time afterward. In the case of a Rubik's cube, customers may play with them at an event and continue to work on the puzzle later.

Father and daughter playing with large Rubik's cube puzzle

Promotional Marketing with Custom Rubik's Cubes

Custom Rubik's cubes can help remind people of your brand in a fun and engaging way. As customers play with the puzzle, they'll see your brand and logo over and over again, helping to increase trust and brand familiarity.

Rubik's cubes are great products to give out at events and seminars because they can serve as a tool for people to amuse themselves in-between events. This will encourage people to unconsciously absorb information about your company and brand while also providing value to them.

Using Rubik’s cubes as a promotional item can be an effective way to leverage this puzzle’s popularity to connect with customers. This also helps brands create a positive impression, as people come to associate the brand with the fun and challenging experience of solving the Rubik’s cube. These puzzles are often used to emphasize problem-solving, whether it's an activity for students or a way to show how a brand provides creative solutions.

Puzzles as a Promotional Marketing Tool

Puzzles have a unique role as promotional marketing tools. People generally use puzzles over a period of time since they are unlikely to solve them on the first try.

Puzzles such as Rubik's cubes also stand out as unique promotional products. People are used to receiving promotional pens and stress relievers, but a Rubik's cube will likely catch people's attention and engage them.

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Using Promotional Marketing Products Well

Promotional Rubik's cube keychain with logo

Without a good strategy, promotional products are just free stuff. However, with thought and intention behind them, they can provide very effective marketing.

Good promotional product marketing starts with choosing the right products. These products encapsulate your brand and are items customers and employees will be likely to use often in their everyday lives.

In addition to the products themselves, it’s also important to think about the strategy behind their distribution.

For example, many companies use promotional products at fairs or other events to draw people over to a table. Then, company representatives can engage them in conversation, helping to create a personal connection that encourages them to use your products or services.

Promotional products can serve as great rewards for existing and potential customers. For instance, a promotional product can serve as an incentive for potential customers to sign up for a mailing list where they will learn more about your brand and receive special offers. It can also go along with a discount as a reward for purchasing a certain subscription or product.

Promotional products can also serve as rewards for current loyal customers as a way of showing appreciation for their loyalty to your brand. This will help customers feel appreciated and feel a personal connection to a brand.

Finally, promotional products can serve as a reward for employees. An inexpensive gift can go a long way in showing employee appreciation. In addition, when employees use promotional products outside of the workplace, they can help boost brand awareness.

The Promotional Power of Custom Rubik's Cubes

Harnessing the power of one of the world's most popular toys, custom Rubik's cubes can be a great way to engage potential customers and increase brand awareness. With a great design and the proper distribution strategy, custom Rubik's cubes can help create a positive image for brands and draw customers' attention in a wide variety of industries.

We hope you found this comprehensive article on Rubik’s cubes and using them for promotional marketing helpful. If you need any help with customizing or checkout products on our website, just let us know. Our customer service team is ready to help you every step of the way with purchasing your branded and wholesale Rubik’s cubes. You can also choose to order them without any branding to get our lowest wholesale pricing.

Visit AnyPromo Academy for more helpful tips on promotional products, marketing strategies, business tips, or promotional product shopping guides for your industry.

Market Your Brand with Fun Games & Toys

Now that you have read about how Rubik's cubes can make a great impression with your marketing, explore even more options and fun games to add your brand and share with your customers.

Visit our promotional games and toys page to see all the fun items you can add your logo to and grow as a brand!

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