Deloitte’s Impact Day Employee Recognition Program

Deloitte, a well-known global professional services firm, has a comprehensive approach to recognizing its employees’ achievements and contributions through their “Impact Day” initiative.

Deloitte’s “Impact Day” is an annual event where employees across the globe dedicate a day to volunteering and giving back to their local communities. It’s a manifestation of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.

Impact Day

While Impact Day itself isn’t solely about promotional items, Deloitte uses custom-branded merchandise to enhance the employee recognition aspect of the initiative.

Deloitte provides employees with custom-designed Impact Day t-shirts, water bottles, and other merchandise that align with the theme of the event. These items are distributed to employees participating in the volunteer activities on Impact Day. The items significantly help the company to achieve several goals:

Tangible Recognition.png

Unity and Identity: The branded merchandise helps create a sense of unity among employees, reinforcing the feeling of being part of a larger cause.

Tangible Recognition: The promotional items serve as tangible symbols of recognition for employees' participation and contributions to their communities.

Employee Retention: The recognition program helps Deloitte enhance its employees retention. An employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at his or her current job.

Positive Brand Perception: The initiative showcases Deloitte's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, enhancing the company's brand image both internally and externally.

Long-lasting Reminder: Employees can keep and use the items after the event, serving as a reminder of their involvement and Deloitte's commitment to social responsibility.

Positive Brand

What are items that your company can strategically use to support its employee recognition initiatives and reinforce its corporate values? Here are some examples:

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Deloitte’s Impact Day initiative demonstrates how promotional products can complete and enhance employee recognition efforts. It creates a strong sense of unity, appreciation, and engagement among its employees while making a positive impact on communities.

Here are some ideas that we discover from Deloitte’s Impact Day that may help you and your company achieve success at employee recognition and retention:

  • Community Engagement Teams: Create employee teams focused on local give-back initiatives. Provide custom t-shirts and tote bags for these teams to wear during community service activities. This promotes a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Volunteer of the Month/Quarter: Recognize outstanding volunteer efforts with a special package that includes logo and items like tote bags and branded water bottles. This highlights employees who go above and beyond to give back to the community.
  • Work Performance Rewards: Reward exceptional performance with branded water bottles, umbrellas, and other promotional items. These items serve as tangible reminders and incentives of employees’ achievements.
  • Peer Recognition: Incorporate branded items into a peer-to-peer recognition program. Employees can nominate and reward each other for exemplifying company values.
  • Holiday/Anniversary Gifts: Recognize employee’s commitment by gifting them a branded item on their work anniversaries or holidays. This gesture highlights their dedication to the company.
  • Corporate Events and Retreats: Distribute logo t-shirts, tote bags, and water bottles during team-building events, workshops, and company retreats. Encourage everyone to utilize them during the events to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees.

Start using promotional items strategically today to support your
employees and reinforce your company values!

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