Zappos All Hands Meeting and Retreat

Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer, organizes an all-hands company retreat every quarter in Las Vegas. The company is well-known for its focus on company culture and employee engagement, which often includes elements of fun and creativity at corporate events.

During Zappo’s 2 or 3 days all hands retreat, employees are highly engaged with the well-planned company’s team building activities, small group discussions, and playful games. Promotional products, as part of the event, are big contributors to helping build a sense of brand identity and camaraderie.

Zappos Meeting

Why use promotional products at company wide or team events? The following are some potential reasons Zappos uses promos:

Employee Appreciation

Tangible Participation Incentives: Zappos has nearly 90% retreat attendance rate while 60% of invited employees on average will show up at the corporate event in other companies. Its use of exclusive high-value or useful items serves as a strong incentive to drive event attendance.

Employee Appreciation: Zappos chooses high-quality promotional items to serve as tokens of appreciation, successfully increasing employee satisfaction and morale.

Reinforce Brand Values: Customized items that relate to the Zappos’s mission or values can serve as a constant reminder to employees about what the organization stands for.

Identity and Unity: Branded Promotional items can instill a sense of belonging among employees and foster unity as everyone is identified with the same logo or slogan.

Ongoing Engagement and Memorability: Promotional items that continue to be used after the event serve as ongoing reminders, encouraging employees to continue to engage with the topics and activities discussed.

Social Sharing: Unique or particularly cool promotional items can make employees more likely to share them on social media, providing social proof that the event is not to be missed.

Social Sharing

Zappos always delivers the WOW to employees and meeting attendees not only because of the knowledge gained and great atmosphere but also the creative promotional products:

The Duncan Flask And Shot Glass Gift Set
Registration Gift
The Duncan Flask And Shot Glass Gift Set
Starting from $10.46
Fun On The Go Games Ladder Ball
Playful Games
Fun On The Go Games Ladder Ball
Starting from $48.66
Sweet Dreams - Gold Foil Snack Box
Party & Meeting Treat
Sweet Dreams - Gold Foil Snack Box
Starting from $3.11
Rest And Relaxation Kit
Retreat Essential
Rest And Relaxation Kit
Starting from $19.98
  • Event Guidelines and Wayfindings: Company’s signage can help direct attendees to various rooms, stations, or activities, making it easier for them to navigate the event. Guidelines or event agenda can help attendees plan their time and get the most of the event, which help improve employee satisfaction.
  • Welcome/Exit Gift: A well-crafted corporate event welcome/exit gift only available for attendees can add perceived value to the event, making employees more inclined to attend.
  • Team-Building Activity: Use the branded ladder ball or other games as a team-building exercise. Teams can earn extra points or tokens for each win, which can be redeemed for other rewards.
  • Snack Station: Set up snack stations around the venue where attendees can grab a box of your branded chocolates or cookies. It ensures that every attendee has the energy to engage, learn, and network. Well-presented snack stations can make an event feel more polished and high-value, contributing to a more favorable impression by the company.
  • Mindfulness Break: Incorporate a scheduled mindfulness or relaxation session into the agenda, and hand out rest and relaxation kits as aids for the session, emphasizing the focus on employees’ well-being to increase the employee retention.
  • Raffle Activity: A raffle can add an element of excitement and engagement to your corporate event or party. Utilizing some high-end promotional products such as technology accessories, luggages, and gift sets as raffle prizes can boost attendance and engagement.

Incorporating promotional items into your company’s internal event or
party can offer a multitude of benefits that enhance the overall
experiences for attendees and achieve a range of objectives from
team-building and branding to education and motivation.

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