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History of McDonald's Marketing: Toys, Celebrity Meals & Commercials

In order to stay relevant in today's fast food industry, McDonald's has had to adapt their marketing strategy to appeal to a more modern audience. The Golden Arches has done this by launching celebrity partnerships with music artists, creating innovative, interactive customer experiences like the McDonald's app, and creating charitable organizations like RMHC and the Archways To Opportunities program.

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Plants Promote Positivity in the Office

Research shows that adding a touch of green to your office spaces can improve your employees mood and create a relaxing space where people can work efficiently.

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Refreshing the A&W Brand in a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Way

The A&W brand has been competing to stay relevant for newer audiences. Here we review their successful merch collaboration with the Canada-based brand, Frankie Collective. Read to see how they took old promotional apparel and made it new and trendy again!

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Panera Dives in Swimwear Merch to Promote Summer Soup

Panera Bread uses promotional soup-themed swimwear to engage with their most loyal customers.

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Custom Rubik’s Cubes

Everything you need to know about custom Rubik’s Cubes! Do you want to start incorporating fun giveaways in your marketing, or simply curious about the world’s most popular puzzle? Learn all about Rubik’s Cubes here on AnyPromo Academy.

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Combining Digital & Promotional Product Marketing

Combine digital marketing and promotional product marketing to grow your business and increase customers. Learn fhow to incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy.

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Christmas Promotional Product Shopping Guide

Get in the Christmas spirit with lots of festive goodies for your employees and customers.

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