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Promotional Round Secure - A - Badge With Alligator Clip
as low as $1.21
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Blank Clear Badgeholder Fits 3-3/8 x 2-1/2 Insert
as low as $0.27
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Blank Clear Badgeholder Fits 4 x 3 Insert
as low as $0.29
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Badge Holder With Velcro Pocket And Pen Holder
Promotional badge-holder-with-velcro-pocket-and-pen-holder
as low as $1.61
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Blank Clear Badgeholder Fits 3 x 4 Insert
as low as $0.46
Min. QTY: 250

Event Badge Holders Are Filled with Thrill

With nearly 250 promotional event badge holders available in different styles, shapes, and sizes, we at AnyPromo are goal is to give our customers a ton of high-quality options that are cool and budget friendly!

We're confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Our retractable ID badge holders and other event accessories make great event giveaways.

Choose the best options for your promotional needs.

Promote Network Event Experiences with Trade Show Badges

Retractable ID badge holders, name badges, and lanyards happen to be the first thing tradeshow attendees see upon introduction. Every item currently available at AnyPromo is high-quality and specially priced to fit the needs of our customers. I.D.s are the all-time fundamental event icebreakers at events, so its quality can’t afford to be compromised!

Click through our inventory of promotional badge holders on sale now.

Let’s make marketing make sense!

All Sorts of Custom Badge Holders

The list below is a snapshot of what AnyPromo has to offer our customers in promotional badge holders and more. Call our helpful staff to expedite your order.

  • Custom Neck Wallet Holder With Multi Color Choices
  • Ribbon Holder
  • Deluxe ID Neck Wallet
  • Plastic Square
  • 30" Cord Retractable Carabiner Style Reel & Holder
  • Scrub Badge
  • Retractable Reel With Swivel Bulldog Clip
  • Metal Reel
  • Plastic Round
  • And much more!

Grab your promotional badge swag today!

Trending Now In Event Swag

With our collection of 232 trendy badge swag, why wait to find which one best fits those you plan to surprise? Start looking now.

Your attendees will definitely appreciate this gift. Our products are durable and highly appealing.

Here’s our Top 3 list of trending promo items we hope you find helpful.

Top Sellers

30" Cord Retractable Carabiner Style Badge Reel & Badge Holder

“Loved the variety of colors. It's practical and will get our company information out. More sturdy than I thought it might be.” - Skylar

“Always effective. Sharp, readable imprinting is really a plus. I feel very confident using them as a sales promotion at upcoming seasonal fairs. It had been an excellent value.” - Lydia

“We are in LOVE with them! Everyone loves them so much that we wanted to know if it was possible to order more for the same price? Thank you so much…” - Monique

We appreciate your feedback Skylar, Lydia, and Monique! We are always happy to help.

This badge reel is made in a retractable carabiner style with screen print and 4 color process imprint options. Built-to-last, this item comes with a premium quality guarantee for 100 pulls, and 2 attachments in one! This product wouldn’t be complete without the carabiner style clip for belt loops and bags, backed with a metal slip clip. Give your event guest flare and style.

Don’t wait.

Buy the perfect event swag items, like this 30" Cord Retractable Carabiner Style Badge Reel And Badge Holder!

Metal Badge Reel

“We came across by chance. We had been trying to find a company to handle our marketing promo needs. Being a small business we didn’t need high quantities of items but still wanted a fair price for quality products.” - Michelle

“Wonderful customer service, great product. I thought it was great!” - Courtney

Our customers care about quality products, experience, and value. To accept less than high standards is simply not an option. We aim to position customers for touchdown brand experiences, which explains our elaborate haberdashery of event must-haves that do more than just get the job done, they make a real brand impact.

Take a look at just a few of the features that event attendees have fallen in love with:

  • The badge reel is constructed out of metal and features a round shape
  • Designed with a 30" extendable cord, a snap strap ending, and a metal belt spring clip on the back side
  • It's perfect for attaching keys or ID cards that can be easily extended when required
  • Clips onto pants, purses, and lanyards for convenience wherever you go
  • This badge reel comes customized with a vivid representation of your company name and logo

We believe that in order to maintain a healthy balance of respect for deadlines, imprint specifications, and expectations, we’ve got to go above and beyond to win your valued trust - evident in our customer response.

Thanks a bunch Michelle and Courtney! We’re always glad to help.

Our friendly staff is standing by to expedite your Metal Badge Reel order today!

Ribbon Badge Holder

“You did a wonderful job! My items are all wonderful and much better than any other I have received,” - Louann

“I liked the clarity of the imprint. These switched out extremely awesome. Everybody truly loved them.The logo design imprint is nice.” - Sophia

“We ordered ‘fat’ products with a logo for our college library. The quality of the product is so nice. Top quality and our patients love them.” - Peyton

Raise breast cancer awareness and capture the theme of the event with this cause-inspired promotional item. Inspire attendees with this captivating I.D. badge holder symbolizing acceptance to such a prestigious event. This swag is fundamentally worn which means everyone's going to see your brand! Conferences, symposiums, trade shows, breakout sessions, networking dinners, you name it, this works great!

Quality, price, and crisp imprints ensure that your  BIG brand message is delivered in a tiny item.

Promote awareness with this Awareness Ribbon Retractable Badge Holder throughout your event series!

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